The beauty in accidental poetry

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I am not big fan of automated comments but, I really enjoy @haikubot which detects Haiku and leaves a haiku in comment format. I have never actually knowingly written a Haiku until this little bot popped up a month ago and started commenting on the platform. I know that many don't like such things and see them as Spam and I definitely don't want a million and one bots doing something similar but at times, the poems it creates are quite thought provoking and poignant.

Here are some I have selected from the last 24 hours:

Advice for the ages, @meesterboom

Wisdom at the core, @everittdmickey

Duty and dedication, @girasol149

Art through audience, @donnadavisart

Experience and reflection, @papa-pepper

Building the imagination, @oldtimer

Comraderie in understanding, @corpsvalues

Inspiring the masses @zoneboy

Flirting with the dark side, @natubat

The roads we take, @angloexplorer

And my favourite:


To stop, is to die, @dailyxkcd

There is a lot of crap content on this platform and although none of these people intended to write poetry, here it is, art in the mundane, beauty in the unexpected. For me this little bot shows that with a little bit of thought, a little bit of understanding and work, anyone can create a masterpiece. Yes, these are just random Haiku but here they are, created.

People talk about quality of content and this is what can happen accidentally so, what can be done with intention? What can be done when instead of aiming for votes, one aims for beauty in what they do, in whatever they do? It doesn't matter if you are not an artist, there is beauty in math and science, in a research lab or in the fixing of a car engine.

We spend our lives looking for reward in some form or another, perhaps we should put in our heart, learn to use our hands and minds and, create something beautiful instead. At least from time to time.

Thank you to the accidental poets over the last 24 hours and to @haikubot for unearthing them.

[ a Steem original ]

Edit: Lol, two in a night... on fire!

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Lol, I am similar. I tend to dislike bots but the haiku bot has struck me as a little something different. I like it a lot!


most of what it catches is 'nice post' kind of stuff because of the length but really, there are some quite beautiful ones I have read and like yours, some good advice :)


Absolutely! The ones above are excellent examples!

I don't care for the bot. I tried replying "Stop" and other similar phrases, but the only reply I got was a snarky (non-haiku) comment from the bot owner telling me if I didn't like it I could mute it. Seems like any bot you can't opt out of is just spam. Yes, I could mute it, but I'd rather not have its replies on my pages. Then my followers are still subjected to it. Just my opinion. :)


I think every bot similar should have a stop function but almost none do.


That would be really nice. I would support requiring the bots to offer an opt out. It's just common courtesy, but apparently that has to be regulated at this point in time. People don't want to consider what impact their actions (or their bot's actions) might have on others and give the person the opportunity to choose not to be bothered.

What makes it worse is that it takes no time, energy or effort for the person to have their bot comment. If it were someone who was just obnoxious, then at least it was mentally costing them something. As it is, it bothers some of those who receive the message, but the bot operator doesn't even have to think about it. Life is strange.

I could do with or without it it doesn't Matter which way it goes. There is no harm In it compared to other bots and if it makes someones day for a quote more power to it.


There are some utter nonsense bots but then, there is also a large percentage of humans here adding less value to the blockchain than this 😂

The Haikubot sculpts
Words that seem to have no form
into great beauty

Well, it got me on a few today too. haha, kind of bad timing.

What can be done when instead of aiming for votes, one aims for beauty in what they do, in whatever they do?

It's really hard, I say that because even I am trying. That's the only real way to enjoy this platform though


That's the only real way to enjoy this platform though

I think it is the way to enjoy life too. Do things that are worth doing the best you can do them and there is beauty. If not in the result, then in the journey.

Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense,

mental primal scream - deafening verbal submissive silence

My attempt at One line (monoku)

Doubt the bot is ready for that epic level Haiku. I actually had a friend from Hawaii in grade school named Hoku... wonder if there was any relation! hahaha

Some people think this bot is spam, but I have found it quite comical.

I believe I have only been visited by it twice; both times unexpected.

It is funny that they are computer generated but sometimes they are meaningless but sometimes they hit home. I love it when it says it has detected haiku though. Sometimes you may consider it as a compliment if your comment gets the haiku treatment.


Yes, they aren't all home runs but it does feel a little special to get 'detected'. This was my second only I think. I might write too much... :D


You have done well with the amount of comments to only have two. Normally picks up short sarcastic ones so expect you to pick up a lot more lol.


I edited at the bottom as I got another a few moments ago.. I think it fits the 'sarcastic' side of me ;)


Are you sure you are not the haiku bot or maybe behind it.

Violets are red roses are blue I missed you taraz


awww, sweet.

The haiku bot can show the unexpected accidental hidden art in words, and some people just label it as "another spam" bot – I don't know what to think of them. It shows me that amongst the "bad" bots, some good ones will be rise which can actually improve the user experience. Reddit has some bots – why shouldn't Steemit too?

I like it, it makes the regular user Steem experience unique from other places in a small way (when we forget the crypto aspect). And we should have unique aspects in Steem on top of the ability of earning crypto, because it isn't and can't be about money only if we want mainstream adoption here.


I understand that people don't want a flood of bots commenting on randomly pulled bits of information like the 'magic 8 ball' one which I find nonsense but, this is a bit different and as you say, at this point anyway, I think it adds to the experience.

Lately people have been very hostile with regard to the bots of the platform and the comments they leave, for me that depends on everyone and I think they are in their right. The @haikubot seems to me somewhat unexpected with his comments, but it does emphasize some funny or philosophical phrase that comes out naturally, that we do not usually pay attention to how it is read.

Got my haiku featured. The haikubot is one of the good bots on the blockchain. To get detected is fun.


It was a great Haiku too :)

This bot actually does something nice, I supose we can live with bots that add value in this kind of way.

Hi @tarazkp, I have been thinking about the accidental haikus done by the haikubot on some comments. My first encounter I think that's the cutest ever... I was talking about road safety in Pakistan

Yes, the road need more
Strict law... otherwise it will
Scare tourists away.

             - ainie.kashif

Hey man sorry about this ending up on the front page.. Unless you posted it there.

@tarazkp, maybe they are great poets :) Lol

These were beautiful! As long as the bot detects beauties like these, I have nothing against it. My favourite was this one:

So it would seem but free men can't be controlled. They can only be killed. @everittdmickey