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RE: User Retention: This is Our Community

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I don't see retention as much of a problem at the moment. Yes, some good people will be lost maybe never to return however, that will be a small fraction of the eventual total hopefully. The platform isn't ready for average users (those who just want to signup and begin) as there are UI and UX hurdles. It is much too complicated for most users. When this changes, retention won't be much of an issue. Currently, we are using a sieve and wondering why it doesn't hold water. Perhaps these hurdles are a good thing at tbis point as those who stay and invest time and effort might be the types to build the community, not just live off it.

Edit: for example, I wish settings were applied and remembered across devices...


I thought you were going to turn your comment payments back on.

I agree, for the most part, I think it is okay, to only let the strong survive for now.

They are... posted from phone though and settings aren't saved.

The strong and the scammer - a new soap opera.

We should rebrand around that name! :)

Game of Blockchain... House of Blockchains... 😳🤺

Yes I agree,

I have seen very cool examples of e-mail funnels where they design emails based on how a person engage with them. That will say if you can engage with a new user and walk them through the start then that would 10X increase the stay. Clearly this can be optimized to crazy levels. A new user if they will stay will a lot come down to if they feel they are being appreciated and boosted by someone. Even smaller upvotes makes waves there.