From my daughter's bedside: swimming pool cool

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This morning our daughter had her first dentist visit, well teeth check anyway. It was funny to hear the nurse ask my wife about how much added sugar we feed her and then watch her face as the answer is zero. She does get sugars of course in the vegetables and berries she eats and her baby cavegirl diet seems to keep her content and full for now at least.

Talking of full, the other day I mentioned I have been keeping an eye on some things after the hardfork but didn't mention what. According to @exyle at least, my suspicions are correct or rather, will be in the coming days.

The pool is full.

One of the reasons that people with a long view of Steem should keep posting regardless of price is because others won't. The pool doesn't care though, it keeps filling and paying out on what is drawn from it. When people aren't posting there are less points of distribution which means higher distribution to those points. This is always the case, not just because of hardfork mistakes.

Consistent posters over the last six months have been earning more Steem because others disappeared because price didn't inspire them. It is why I every so often remind people that the best time to earn Steem on the platform is when prices are low.

However, last week we saw an unnatural (as if any of this is natural) drop in posts due to the hardfork and then, people saving their voting power to recover to the 100 percent. This was the same for the bidbots who daily maximize and distribute 30 percent of the entire pool.

I still haven't got anywhere near the 100 yet but I think I touched 80. Instead I kept voting in the early days after the hardfork hoping that while others aren't, I can reward them a little more than my vote is actually worth. I still don't know if this is going to make a difference or how significant it may be, but I hope so.

For me, I have taken a consistency approach to posting meaning that whether prices are high low or floating somewhere between, I will do what I do. As much work as it has been, it has also served me well and at exceptional circumstances, I have generally benefited even if I have no idea there is a chance to. Fortune may favour the bold but, preparation gives space for luck to swing.

There are a lot of opportunities on Steem to be part of all kinds of games but due to the complexity of the system, it is difficult if not impossible to play them all. It is also very hard to even know what options exist as on a distributed network, information tends to compartmentalize to some degree and if one doesn't explore widely, much is missed.

What I try to do through most of my Steem related posts is point to different parts of the system that have or could have potential for people to explore if they so choose. But, no one is able to know or tell all, nor are they able to do the work for you.

One of the best things about Steem is that it encourages people to take back responsibility and rely less on direction from authority. This is not a spoon-fed environment and is therefore not suitable for those who don't want to take their education into their own hands. Own hands doesn't mean alone though, this is a community that can explore together.

So, despite me thinking it would have greater effect earlier, it does seem that post values will increase over the next 3-7 days or so as the pool distributes a little more than normal.


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I wasn’t around during the good times so I only know what it’s been like from July . So for me it’s all win win. I always had an interest in writing stories so Steemit was a great way of throwing my hand at it. It’s amazing how much your writing improves month by month on here. Steem power is a bonus.

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I wasn’t around during the good times

There are always good times here as well as the bad. When prices were 7 dollars people wished for 1 dollar Steem to buy in. Have they bought? when it is one dollar, they complain they weren't here for 7 cents. When it comes to earning it is actually not that bad now if you consider there are more people with wider interests. 2 years back the rewarded content was relatively narrow. Of course, competition is higher now too but with the spread there is still opportunity.

It’s amazing how much your writing improves month by month on here.

I was just reading a post you might be interested in:

I have definitely seen the benefit as well! I am also noticing the increased value in my voting power without the price of Steem having been increasing much lately so I am wondering if that is another impact of the reward pool expansion. Great time to be here!


I think the voting value is related too but I am unsure how it actually works. My thinking is that it has to increase as it makes the draw on the pool so it will likely go up more. I read that the pool currently has 900k in it whereas normally it is around 750k.

This is why I didn't stop posting for single day and urged everyone capable of posting to post something in the week following the fork. In fact, I find a lot of people unwisely not being active even now. Come on, post now that few other people are. STEEM, SBD and SP are raining on us just like always, only with fewer people pushing and shoving each other under the the nozzle.


It is crazy but I think that many people don't really understand how the platform rewards at even a basic level or, they are only looking at the price they can immediately sell for. As I keep saying, good times. :)


I have to admit that I, too, put off posting the higher effort posts until a bit later because it seemed that nobody was around to upvote them. But I did start posting early and and often. A few days ago, I think @edicted, mentioned that he was expecting rewards to behave oddly in the coming days. Then I realized that, of course, we'll be getting more than our usual share. Presto, the rewards do seem to be creeping up.

Thanks for the advice. I will continue to post consistently.

What's the name of your baby? It's cool that you let her have swimming lesson.

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Smallsteps. She loves the water.


I bet she does. It feels like being back to her Mother's womb I think. 😊

So cuteee !

Looking forward to the payout boosts over the next week. I'm tempted to say that those who stuck with, deserve this little bonus.

Lovely complimentary photo for this one 😁

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