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RE: Glasnost v0.5 released: categories and tags whitelist/blacklist - publish your Steem blog on your own domain

in #steem4 years ago

This will be a bit tough for newbies but hopefully, it will be simplified. Thank you for your non-stop effort. I have been having one general question. in general is it allowed to use exerpts from people steemit blogs in like entire facebook posts especially only posts that explains steemit and highlight its best features and teaches how to use it, without links and perhaps credit to the owner in something like steemitdotcom/@username to create more awareness for steemit and favoring what facebook prefers for their visibility etc? like facebook allows like many more words for a status update and sometimes instead of linking out of facebook as many facebook users wont link out, why not just put the text from posts. i dont know too much about crypto so is it allowed to use other steemit posts about steemit for something like that?


That depends on the jurisdiction, so I'm really not sure. Usually reasonable quotes are covered under "fair use" rules.

I'll be looking for ways to make Glasnost deployment as simple as possible but not more.