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RE: Contrarian Take: 5 Reasons SMT's will send steem to ZERO

in #steem5 years ago

Wow, that's so well written and so insightful I'm afraid to even attempt my own post on this subject; I think I'll just comment on everybody else's this time..

5 - love it - I would say SMTs open up so many cans of worms, I would have to agree.


  • Just one more distraction... from showing the world what a great new model exists for the internet?
  • Or the way forward for the Steem blockchain to show the world how much more powerful it is than previous generation BCs that came before it?

I would also have to add, I hate ads. But I know there is Mucho Dinero involved. Mucho Trillions Dinero.

I do agree; FB is watching; and they will make a move at some point.
They are looking down the barrel of a potential model that can replace them. What do they do about it?


appreciate the read and detailed comment. my upvotes suck atm but have one anyways. i'll follow and get you with one down the line when my SP is back up.

Forgot to ask. No need to upvote my blog here to try and get someone influential on here to help the hurricane victims but if you wouldn't mind considering a resteem to your 1500+ followers in hopes it catches whales attention that is willing to take on the project, that would be awesome. if not, no worries.


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