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Still Hanging Around

Well, hope most of you if not all of you are still hanging around on Steemit, and the crypto-world. Bitcoin and the rest of crypto seem to have been downtroddened but still surviving. In fact, many like Tom Lee of Fundstrat, continue to be perma-bulls predicting a much higher price for Bitcoin at the end of the year.

I too continue to be a strong believer in both Bitcoin and Steemit for that matter. Like many others, I too feel that Bitcoin can be a Store of Value for the world over, placing it on par with gold and possibly surpassing gold as the world's Storage of Value in the near future.

Like Bitcoin, Steem is also a cryptocurrency, except Steem also has a blogging site to accompany it, allowing users of the blogging site Steemit.com to collect cryptocurrency whenever they interact within the Steemit Blogging site by voting, posting and other social media interactions. This social media paradigm shift and cryptocurrency called Steemit and Steem has been grossly undervalued and overlooked.

While many look to spend hundreds, thousands and even up to tens of thousands of dollars on "mining" equipment for Bitcoin, they fail to realize that Steemit could actually make them the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency they seek without the large capital investment it will take to invest and risk on cryptocurrency mining equipment, or the insane noise and heat created during such mining operations.

Steem and Steemit eliminate all that madness and make it easy to "mine" Steem cryptocurrency. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and something to say or a picture to post. Once you accumulate enough Steem, you can convert it to your choice of cryptocurrency you want, such as Bitcoin, via sites like Shapeshift.io or Blocktrades. The hard part about Steem and Steemit is getting started and then building up a following to help up vote your posts in order to get decent Steem payouts for your postings. That will take time and much hanging around on Steemit.

The Angle of the Dangle

Speaking of "hanging" around, I had a random thought come up that can only be comprehended by men but might be visually acknowledged by women. This random thought is what led to this posting about "hanging" and the male anatomy.

I had never really ever pondered on this or even considered it for that matter. It was something that just took care of itself without me having to waste any time thinking about or preparing for it. You slip in one leg down the pant leg and in goes the other leg until your feet are firmly planted on the floor and now you can pull your trousers up to your waist, zip up, button up and strap on your belt. Job done.

But I guess this wasn't always so. One day, I was watching a show called Hell on Wheels, which is about an ex-Confederate captain who becomes a foreman helping build the railroad across the country to the Pacific Ocean. The railroad foreman, Cullen Bohannon, hires a black man as his Chief of Police, who he then takes to the tailor in order to get him new clothing.

During Elam's (the new Chief of Railroad Police) tailoring, he is asked "on which side do you dress?" At this point, I myself, much like Elam Ferguson (played by Common the rapper), am confused by the question. At this point, Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount), shows Elam with his index finger by pointing it down and to the left and then to the right.

I didn't get it so I had to rewind that scene one more time.

Again, Elam is getting taylor fitted for some clothing, when the tailor asked Elam "which side do you dress on?" Elam responds by asking, "What you mean which side I dress on?" To which I iterated a "yeah, what you mean which side I dress on!" Then the character Cullen Bohannon puts his index finger near his crotch area and swings his index finger to the left and then to the right.

I get it now!!

That is something I had never pondered about in my life until at that moment. That is when I had to go inspect myself to see which side I "dress on" too. Since the invention of the zipper, I imagine no man has had to consider this one strange bit of information about himself when slipping on a pair of pants.

Do I hang on the left or do I hang on the right?

We simply put on our pants, not caring which leg goes in first, and then pull them up, leaving our unit to hang where it normally hangs. I guess before the invention of zippers, pants were taylor made with buttons on your "hanging" side to allow for use in the restroom.

Now I am sure that men that are married or have girlfriends could probably ask their wives or girlfriends, who would probably know the answer better than the man himself, "Which side do I dress on?"

So which side do you dress on? And no I don't need to know, it is just a rhetorical question.

Cheers, and keep on steem'in and hang'in!!

Full Steem Ahead!

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estimado amigo buenas noches aqui mi visita para agradecer lo que pueda hacer por mi,lo estoy siguiendo ya que me brindo su apoyo,de corazon lo agradezco porque en estos duros momentos lo necesito,dios se lo multiplique y la virgen le cuide sus pasos,saludos desde margarita venezuela.

I'm bullish on BTC, steem and others for many reasons but if not for anything else the fact that Goldman Sux bought Poloniex. I don't think an entity this massive would make a decision such as this without massive plans within the CrYpTo realm in the future? Not that you you wanted an answer but I'm hangin' all over the place with frequent adjustments as he has a mind all his own.............;)


Yeah, as a teen I hated boxers and sweat pants because back then yeah, it was bounc'in and hang'in all over the place, doing its own thing, especially when watching the girls during physical ed.


Ha! I gotta' a chuckle out of that. I remember those days.....


Guess I wasn't the only one...hehehe

I hang around steemit from the time I created an account here and never stopped even I am really feeling so ill @streetstyle it is because I love blogging and if only I could share more, but only thoughts and ideas I can offer.
Regarding which side of my tootsie roll hangs, well I have a short tootsie roll so it hangs straight. My concern is that the crown jewel sack has hairs and it gets pulled back when I sit, it is uncomfortable.


Thanks for the dedication to this place @cryptopie You truly do soldier on, and I fully appreciate that.
Also, although I didn't really need to know....hehehe.....I bet when you put on pants or shorts, your tootsie roll has to pick a side....and I bet that side wins 99 out of 100 times if not 100 out of 100.

Take care my friend, and thanks for swinging by!!!!

Do I hang on the left or do I hang on the right?

😆 Just like most of us including you, I have no idea. But let me ask my wife or my girlfriend, they should know better.
Definitely hanging around!


@rothberg You have a wife and a girlfriend? hehehe I won't tell, hang loose!!

I know some people who are claiming masternodes are a scam.

If I talk with them about Steemit they get even more suspicous.

That you can earn crypto by just posting pictures or have a little bit to say they find odd. Which I can understand to some point and tbh I always have a hard time to explain or defend Steemit.

With mining there are real costs...if this makes sense.

I think from the outside Steemit still seems to good to be true.

Atm I am hanging right I need to check toomorrow if this still is the case


I find many don't believe in Steem/Steemit also..... either they are too lazy or inept but will gladly give instagram and facebook a posting with nothing in return.
Where the money comes from is probably the hardest thing I have to make people understand.... kinda like answering why bitcoin does have intrinsic value. Some get it but money don't see it.
Anyhow, there will be a 2nd part to to this hanging question, stay tuned.


I will let you know if I still swing right as well :-)

I am drunk...

Still hanging around a I as well believe Bitcoin is store of value. I’m watching Tom Lee for some time already and this guy is not just talking. His predictions are very reasonable. Just recently he made a great case about amazon and Starbucks investing huge capital into bitcoin. Sooner or later corporations will have to invest their sideline cash into something. That something is bitcoin.
Great post though!

Then the character Cullen Bohannon puts his index finger near his crotch area and swings his index finger to the left and then to the right.

Lol. I’m glad I don’t have to answer that question.


Thanks for stopping by @milano1113 and let it rest where it may!

An interesting idea, my friend and I did not think about which side I was wearing my pants from before, but I thought about it and understood that the right side. As for the Steem, I completely agree with you, the Steem has its own uniqueness compared to other crypto-currencies! Thank you @streetstyle

It's simple, what kind of leg you better own, then that leg and the first. To many this is the right one. The right one is always better, because the word is right. And if we are still on Steemit then this is the right thing. haha

You are absolutely right @streetstyle, the Steem for me personally is a great discovery and it is one of the best crypto currency for today, because it has the main feature, it is a social function. network and does not require attachments! I always wear pants on the right side, so I'm used to it and it's convenient for me!

I'm a beginner, and as circumstances develop, I still did not understand, but I completely agree with your opinion. For the crypto currency future.

I have full confidence in steemit and its value ... In the same way I think that Bitcoin gets stronger every day and that's pretty good. Since we live in a world where technology has been around us for a long time and many have not taken advantage of it ... I keep inviting friends or relatives to join these seas and be part of this great adventure that is Steemit. Very cool your post ... I send you a big hug and my regards.

well still hanging and grinding the activity has been low but the road map ahead only for steem blockchain is so great that keeps me hooked hahah :)

Banks are beginning to support the crypto currency. But it's worth the money. But fiat money is needed to dress a wife. And how should I do ??? Where should I invest money? I'm also thinking about this.

Very interesting! Related to all of us in Steemit and Cryptos.

I just want to say, our hard work today, brings results in the future.

Keep on walking ...

There are no futile struggles and sacrifices.

Be patient a little, naturally sweeter. ☺

Come on dear at least it's surviving.
And we all know what had been going on with steem and other cryptocurrency but what can we do.

I know it's absolutely true
The post was very good
Thank you very much for sharing the post among us

First of all I want to thank you for your vote in one of my posts. This caused me great joy because Steemit for me is my job, you can count on my vote even if it is not much. God bless you my friend, thank you for helping a Venezuelan woman

Buenos dias amigo @streetstyle le deseo un feliz fin de semana, le mando un abrazo desde acá.