Short Video About July 4 Payout Featuring Ned Scott Plus A Few More

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Ok, so tonight I was scouring YouTube for all Steemit-related videos and I ran into a really good one that I think most people have never seen. It answered so many of my questions about how Steemit operates and how the July 4 payout is able to be done. Plus it answered the specifics of the general amount of the payout, which is somewhere around $2 million dollars.

I got the original footage from a video that The Tatiana Show did, which is shown below. Ned Scott doesn't appear until more than halfway through the video, so you probably want to fast forward through it:

I need to find Tatiana on Steemit! I'll do that as soon as possible.
I picked out the best part of Ned's talk in the video to make mine (which is the first one above). I really made it for all my friends who remain skeptical about this site and how it functions.

I should have gone to sleep many hours ago, so I'll leave this post short, so I don't lose my mind.
Please feel free to share the short video with your friends who don't believe what's about to happen on July 4.

As I was wading through the Steemit videos on YouTube, I came upon @stino-san's YouTube channel which has a really cool video featuring amazing artwork that he and another artist worked on. It's really worth checking out:


Just be thankful you didn't find this video and post it on Steemit. ;)

Is that the one you were downvoted for?


Yes I remember that one lol :)
Good find stellabelle.

I found that video 3 weeks ago

You weren't here to get the joke and I'm definitely not rehashing it. ;)

Cool, thanks Stella, wow you are up late! It's 7 a.m. here in London, just starting the day :-)

Nice Stino find by the way :-)

Oh and from what I can work out, Tatiana has just done that one post.


I need to find Tatiana on Steemit!

Here she is:

Woah damn that was hella informative. And as other people have been saying what are you doing up so late, this is the cool kids hour ;)

Apparently I've gone insane. Good thing I quit drinking a while back though or I'd be totally insane in not a great way.....

Nice find!

Good video! If this site is accurate, then the payout should be about 1.8 million, at the moment. Monday is coming!

Thanks for sharing @stellabelle and thanks for featuring my video! The post related to that video can be found here

@stellabelle comes through again. Thanks Leah. The Tatiana interview is especially informative.