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After reading @surpassinggoogle's latest post, I want to make sure everyone here understands what we are all doing on Steemit.

Bitcoin mining is wasteful of electricity, and it does not utilize our mental energies. When Dan Larimer was in talks with Satoshi Nakamoto in a forum in 2010, Dan realized that Bitcoin mining will become too wasteful of energy, and too expensive. His mind began inventing solutions that do 2 things: are lighter with energy consumption and are utilizing the power of the human mind.


You never saw this in an advertisement, but that's actually what is happening. The deeper your mind goes and the more lives you touch with your influence, the more Steem (in theory) you mine. It's not a perfect system! But look at how some minnows have stood out and really made their mark on Planet Steem:

@paulag: Her first posts explored how articles on Steemit trended, and she began to dig into the immense data of Planet Steem. Her posts made very little for weeks on end. Did she give up? No, she formed her own Business Intelligence group within Steemit. I just upvoted her post and last look it was around $86. She's mining Steem with her mind and producing valuable insights with her Data skills. I rely on her posts because I hate doing data stuff, but I need her information. Her posts have a real, tangible value to me and many others. Her posts are unique and very useful. She's figured it out, and was discovered.


I discovered this writer through someone else (cannot recall who), and I have to admit, I am blown away by his ability to tell stories in the gritty, ultra realistic way that I love. His image of a smartphone charging area in Africa really struck me, because I had been wanting to see this exact information.

image from @greenrun's post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@greenrun/the-zero-feeling

This guy has mastered the art of storytelling and he's getting my upvotes because of it.

As you can see from these examples, these people started out with nothing. The reason they stand out is because they are authentic. They know what they like. They know who they are. They are not trying to impersonate porn stars. They write about very specific things, which are very unique.



Don't write about How To Make 5 Life Hacks if you're broke and failing at entrepreneurship. Write about being broke and a failed entrepreneur. I'll read that one. If you're poor and live in a village, write about what it is like to live in a village and what your life is actually like.

If you don't think you have anything to write about, you're just lost. You're lost for any number of reasons. You don't know yourself. You don't know who you are at all.

Write about your shoes if you don't know who you are. Describe them in the most detailed way. Only write about your pair of shoes, where you got them, what they have seen, who stepped on them, what they stepped on yesterday. How many wrinkles do they have? Do you wear them everyday? Why do you wear them? Are they comfortable? Worn out? Do you want new ones? Why do you want new ones?

Be real.

Being real is painful. Start to feel the pain......

If you stop your own fantasy of who you really are, and become yourself, get radically honest, you will be doing all of us a favor. Our fraud departments, @steemcleaners and @spaminator would be full of crickets. I would guess that the guy who impersonated a porn star doesn't think he has anything of value to contribute. We're at a very weird stage in human evolution, because we have been given free tools (Steem), but our weakened human minds don't know how to use these tools. Most are lost with chasing a few cents of upvotes and don't realize they could have so much more if they plunge themselves into a radical authenticity bath.

I would imagine that once a scammer has been caught, outed and reduced to Steem reputation dungeon, that it must feel like this:

Writing is only thinking out loud.

Instead of working on your writing, you need to work on your thinking. What is inside of you?

Yes, we are blogging, but we are also thinking and digging for mind jewels, from inside of ourselves, and also from finding and sharing the mind jewels of others. Sharing means that we find others who are showing us a new and valuable mirror, and then we honor them by our comments, upvotes and resteems. Asking someone to resteem your shitpost will just get you further inside of a black hole.

Sometimes our ego on Steemit prevents us from discovering the jewels all around us.

We become so obsessed with how much our own post is making, that we cannot see the diamonds falling from Steem sky.

There is a problem that has plagued us from the beginning: how do we get more readers? I think the communities feature will solve a lot of this, as we humans tend to form groups around like minds. And yes, I will be forming a community, and I hope you will help me define it.....anyone who is wanting to take the concept of Mining With Our Minds to the next level will be welcome.....

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I agree if you focus primarily on the spiritual aspect, then the material is inevitable to come.

Whoa.. That is a great point. :)

Probably the right Path as well.

I could care less about what I earn even it's a dollar or less and still continue to write and one day be heard. STEEMIT is a magical platform, where we can create a world of our very own. It is an ecosystem of unique minds coming together, learning from each other and this post solidified my belief in this platform. Thank you for opening our minds even further! :)

I agree with u @shellany thats what I also told with my people to "Mine your Mind" Steemit is a Mining of Mine.Everyday Im mining my mind here from other posts and apply to my self then I see the possitive changes from steemit mine mining.

Been following this two wonderful steemit members for a while and say thank you both for your service on good contents @surpassinggoogle and @stellabelle. I just finished reading a inspiration post from @surpassinggoogle as that was not enough this your post is mind blowing. Thanks for this information.

I've been on Steemit for 3 days, and it's for the first time when I really want to share something by blogging. I can relate to what you said in the article, "the pain of being real" - Whole my life I've been rather reserved on expressing myself out in the open (although I'm a designer and I also play in a rock band), but I feel that this might be the best platform to overcome my challenge.

you can watch my challenge @demostene

Great Post, @demostene!
I am a bit older now and have overcome that same challenge.
I will now follow you, you seem like a very interesting fellow!
I also had a band, as another common thread... ;)

Thank you for the follow @underground. What kind of music are you into?

We played hard rock, metal, etc...
That was long ago but I still listen and like some of today's
better stuff :D

Cool, we're playing alternative metal with grunge influences (or at least we like to call it that way :D)

btw, I followed the inspiration that this post gave me, so I wrote another article: https://steemit.com/story/@demostene/growing-up-in-romania-1-the-ice-cream-that-shaped-how-i-see-life-journal


I will check it @demostene!
Do you have any of your music on youtube?

This was a very good post, a good learning. The comments are insightful, and you mentioned my favorite author @greenrun. He is awesome. I dropped a remark to @rafefurst to come by and read your post, and the comments to give him a view of a different aspect of steemit for his upcoming Tedx talk.

Hello @stellabelle! This is a very interesting point of view. That's amazing how you discover those talented new comers in steemit. Amazingly written and like in steem like in life, being true to self takes us to fulfillment and might be some kind of rehab on its own to grow bigger and better. Cannot wait for your Mining with Our Minds community!!

Yes @stellabelle you are absolutely right. In fact my thinking capacity and my ability to constract sentences plus my imagination are start to failling 3 years ago. But now, in just a week or two my mind comes alive again. Steemit restart my brain thinking capacity and my writing skills get better and better everyday. But still there are some point I had nothing to write. I don't know, I think I am still in adoption level at the very start.

I've once again become endlessly entranced by a @stellabelle post (quick...resteem as if to say, "look at me, I just found a diamond that fell from the sky. Let's take a moment to gaze at its beauty together").

I agree that we should be writing about what we know and our ultimate truths, but don't you think there's value in having that truth take an occasional seat on the sideline? I know education, but if I don't give it an occasional rest, I'm afraid of the potential for an impending mental implosion.

Our collective mind is the most valuable resource on earth. It's fun to see that reality brought into...reality.

Thank you for being the shiny diamond you are!

Mining is not limited to electronic computer power, we often forget that our brains are more powerful than any existing computer. It is capable of things AI researchers struggle to map or simulate. Keep on Steeming :)

Thank you @stellabelle for "going deep" with @surpassinggoogle's Mining Our Minds thought! I read it, and thought I understood it, but you gave it detail that makes so much sense to me!

We all have something to write about. It's just a matter of pulling it out of our own minds. And opening ourselves up to other people reading about it.

I'm working my way up to a post about some of my own inner struggles. I am not there yet, but when I get there, I think it will be a relief to put it out in the blockchain.

In the meantime, I find my voice in short stories, talking about the journey of being a minnow, and making (what I consider) funny memes. There's ALWAYS something to blog about.

I look forward to seeing your community and what you put out there. Your posts are always informative and thought provoking, and I appreciate having the honor of being able to "check in" with your blog.

This is the reality we are faced with and it is 100% true what you said about being real. It is more than hard but always pays off. Chasing a few cents will do us no good. it is time for us to realize this before it is too late.


im a Cnc machinest by trade for 18 years now. I can talk to machines and write programs that do about anything.

Hey waldbw, I've been machining for over 40 years, and I can operate that machine better than I can write by a long shot. But man, is this place a stimulating site to explore. I am inspired by what I've read so far, and I wish I had more time.. :)

@waldbw I'm just discovering the magic of cnc devices. My father bought one a few weeks ago. It's a good fit for a designer. I plan on using it on a typography project

Cool wish u luck if I can help in any way Let me know

Thanks, might actually need it - it's a dyi cnc made by an engineer with no documentation. I'll pop a question or two if we get into trouble

Yes, we are mining Steem with our minds and minding our own business..

I am stopping by to tell you about this "new" hype coin:

The exchange with the biggest volume of EmberCoin at the moment: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=Bitcoinercph

Here is the price chart of EmberCoin:


ember pumping 3.png


Crytocurrency is the evolution of money trading.
You can buy and sale,we can read it in the book of revelation.

This is a very deep and insightful metaphor that stems from the motivation knowing steemit will work

Confronting, thought provoking and inspiring words. Very helpful to this newcomer. Thank you!

We do mine steem with our minds. These blogs all of us make not only add value to the platform, but we get rewarded by being creative and making these posts. The harder you work, the more steem you will mine' ie the morning earnings you will get in the end.

It is easy for people to look at @paulag and see how analysis and news about steemit had lead to her earning money so I should do the same. I don't think that is the right mindset to have. As @stellabelle said, be real and write about something you are passionate about rather than copying someone else which you may not find interesting.

I do philosophical posts because I love doing them. The hours I spend making them are fun, and the money is just a side effect.

Although philosophy or your hobby may not be big on steemit, you will find people sooner or later who will become engaged with your posts as the site reaches millions of users and you may be the first user to give exposure to your topic and lead it to victory.

To you, some things may seem boring, but if you think about it, nothing is dull. It is how you communicate your work that matters and impacts if the end user will be interested or not and there will be experiences which no one else has encountered but yourself

Agreed, you can take inspiration from others and from "what works", especially if it's something that resonates with you. But at the end of the day, you've got to make it your own, and turn it into something you're passionate about.

When I get on a roll, a post practically writes itself, because it's usually a topic I'm already immersed in and quite passionate about (possibly almost to the point of being "triggered")! lol

Anyway, great comment and posts, got yourself one more follower! :)

And ditto to @stellabelle and @paulag (though already following you both).

very well-articulated comment. I agree with you that it will take time, and finding readers is quite hard. That's why I always suggest going into Steemit Chat, and also writing about what you know. Be passionate helps obviously....

Passion is a big thing, First I was posting 'how to' type Excel and Data articles that did not do to well, it was only when I pivoted and used my skills to analyse the steemit data that things started to improve.

Thank you kindly @stellabelle for including me in this post, and for the awesome comment you left on my posts xx

I love the concept of mining with our minds steem on!

The title of this post had me from the first instant! This is what drew me to Steemit in the first place. I realized early on that STEEM's value is being generated by the energy of our consciousness as we pour our authentic experiences, expertise, etc. into the blockchain. This is a very different paradigm from other social media, which is more like a black hole, which swallows up the value and distributes it to a tiny minority of people.

As you mentioned, Steemit has its problems as well, and the distribution of value is far from even. However, like you said, for those who never give up and genuinely share, they are destined to succeed in the long run.

I also really loved what you said about working on your thinking... when we improve the quality and potency of our thought (higher mental capacity, wisdom, discernment, etc, not just "intellectualism" or "sophistry") we supercharge the ripple effect that our very presence has on the macrocosm.

The more people realize this incredible potential, the more the hyper-evolution of humanity will quicken (I intend to write on this phenomenon that I believe is currently occurring on Earth in the near future.) We are literally becoming a new species through metamorphosis of our collective and individual awareness.

Before this comment turns into a freakin' essay (or has it already?) I'll leave off with a reiteration for my gratitude for this post and all you do within the Steemit community, @stellabelle. D-pend signing out... have an awesome day!!!

Hi @stellabelle, I was in search of some magic to motivate me and I found it in your post. Your post sparked new energy in me. I appreciate that. Definitely an upvotable and resteemable post! You got it!

I am glad it did that to you, because I was overcome by what I had found recently...it was like a strange serum had invaded my body.......I like to think that this place has changed me from an insecure person to one who is trying to think more in terms of a hive, and what's best for everyone here.

Wow, that's a shift! Happy to have you around and for you as well. Steem on!

The aspect of Steemit I've been enjoying is finding so many like-minded people. Sure the spammers try to invade our little group (#steemsilvergold), but they are ignored and eventually go away. I like being able to reward folks with more than just a fake "thumbs up"

let me put it this way: i have two amazing friends who i found in here. they make my life much richer, and I would not have found them otherwise.

can you follow me ? im following you....

I don't understand how the Communities feature will be grafted onto Steemit. Will it just basically be enhanced tags, or is it to be something more adaptive that I do not yet grok?

Awesome post, good job!!

That's so cool @stellabelle. We all see the diamond falling from the steem sky. But sometime, someone just make a shit in every single day on steemit. But, sometime that shits got the diamond, and the diamond minds get a shit. LOL.

Lol.... that's criteria man!

So true you hittted the spot!

I enjoy the riddles and puzzles. I saw some game posts but I havn't figured out how to play

As someone who has recently joined Steemit, I have found the number of posts quite overwhelming really. Also the quality of so many of the posts is not living up to what I expected from Steemit when I first read and heard about it, so I agree that communities would be a great way forwards.

Having like minded souls connected in their passions through smaller communities would make connecting easier and increase the personal chat through the heart and cut out the comments made to get votes.

When you connect with someone with something in common, then the chat just flows and from this it's easy to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

I love the concept of Steemit, to create positive change in the world, and I do feel that it is a long term project because unfortunately too many people are controlled by money and greed.

I believe that truth, integrity and discernment are the foundations for a good humanity and not having these as our foundation of humanity has led to the world being in the state that it is in.

There are many ways of creating change, but if morals, truth, integrity and discernment aren't leading the way then nothing truly positive and honest will follow.

I think this is one of your most valuable post. It's so full of priceless thoughts!

MOOMSCommunity --Mining On Our Minds, Selfishly.

Why does this remind me of the uploading our consciousness to a cloud? Haha

Mining STEEM with your mind... awesome!

When I was in university a professor recommend we read "Writing Down The Bones" by N. Goldberg. In essence, it takes you through the process of creating a practice of writing. I can truthfully say, after several degrees and many publications, the core wisdom in this book has guided me and made me improve myself as a writer. While I am new to the Steemit community, I am excited at the incredible array of content and excited to share.

This is very good to hear. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

wow, that was good. it helped me. thanks for the clarity.

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Muy buena explicación, pero yo quiero usar también gifs

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

You've expressed it so accurately and I couldn't have found a better way to explain what is going on. We are mining with our minds, and the possibilities are endless. I've been writing for a while now, well before I met Steemit but feel like my work here on Steemit is making much more of a difference to the world than ever before.

I'm putting in all I've got into Steemit and I'm confident that this platform will be so huge in the future that people like us who joined it right from the beginning will be looked at and envied. Steem has real value because it is tied to real people making a real impact on people's lives. Intellectual wealth.

Thanks for sharing this!

the possibilities are endless.





  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

What a thought provoking article! You are right. We are mining steemit. Words of wisdom my friend. I did not get into steemit to make mega bucks. I came for like minded friends and more experience at communicating effectively. To expand my knowledge. I can't think of better classroom than here on steemit.

Yeah. Im really new, first day. So learning how this works. And I was thinking this same thought. That we are mining with our minds. Like how cool is that? Yes very cleaver to create an alternative to the current mining process. Great insights here.

Wow! Excellently put!!!!! Had to resteem! Mine With Your Mind!

Love your perspective!

Yeap sounds about right, it's more of seeing how much your mind is worth when you share it on the web, but it does take some time to get there plus some people are bashing the hell outta the blockchain with bots..

Thanks for sharing this article it was quite enjoyable to read :)😊

Great post! :) Resteemed!

Very true, Brainstorming with a group of people is a powerful technique when it comes to writing, though it is a significant burden.

when the writing is problem oriented the content provides the solution to a specific issue.

much appreciated content.


Thanks for sharing
nice one
but how do i get visibility
started using agriculture to write poetry and will soon using it for motivation
but my posts are not always seen

Interesting concept. Much content goes unnoticed. I appreciate your post and will be reblogging. Thanks.

Dear @stellabelle
This post really got to me. Thanks for sharing this .
I remember the time i opened steemit newly, i was always bothered about the way i post things and the post never reached my expectation. Haha

That really is tiring and frustrating, a lot of people have left the platform due to this frustration.
I almost got frustrated some time ago but i just had to keep pushing gradually.

A lot of people don't have patience and that's what make some to copy the work of others and put on their blog.

I remember a friend of mine after up to 10 posts here he got fed up and left the platform, saying he didn't have time for it..

People just need to find their own route and channel and that will do a lot and help their steeming experience.

Thanks for this post.

Upvoted and resteemed


Thanks for this post @steellabelle . It's encouraging to saw this - it means i'm on the right track. I treat steemit as a tool to express myself and my passion - almost like a blog - instead of an alternate source of income - although getting paid for what you going to do anyway is always welcomed. So pump to be more consistent of putting content out there.

Write about your shoes if you don't know who you are. Describe them in the most detailed way. Only write about your pair of shoes, where you got them, what they have seen, who stepped on them, what they stepped on yesterday. How many wrinkles do they have? Do you wear them everyday? Why do you wear them? Are they comfortable? Worn out? Do you want new ones? Why do you want new ones?

I think the points of above instructions are

  1. Write sistematically
  2. Explain it as clear as possible
  3. Be Consistant on your post and tag i think.
    Am I right

Your post inspired me:)
This can be PR slogan for Steemit :)

Im exited to be here! Steemit.

Wow! Thanks a lot for this post. Its help me much. Im from Brasil and have some dificult to write in english, so that, i am limited in a "brazilian steemit" and i really want see this site grow, not just for the brazilian comunity, but for everyone. And you give me a great idea: write about the real. I even do this right now, but without focus. Thanks for help!

WOW... I have not read a long time something like this, and it's really nice to read. I not good to make text here, my English is week. But I like very photography and I use it, it is all what I have. My camera Sony NEX-5T and my mind . Thank you!! At least you have the words to say what I'm trying to do with the photography. I like very B&W.. but I photography everything. There is always a story, every subject from every moment, from every light.

This is very...very good text...what you did, I like it . And take note....
I say to myself always, I make pictures, not a camera, because everything starts with me.

Please write in your native language.

All my followers know english ... I not think so .
If I see in some time more Estonians here, yes then I start to make it .

Be real !! Thanks for such an insightful post.....love and peace :)

I admire this awesome community. I promote steemit as possible:)
more than 10videos on youtube , facebook group etc..
result : more 400persons invited to this great platform:)

wow post sir....

one of my pet peeves is people calling me 'sir' when I am a woman. Please edit.

Wow so deep and true @stellabelle, really love your insight about steem mining with your mind! It will gives a lot of readers to think and have motivation to steem on.

yes it's true :) but doesn't this apply to all cryptos/goods? Without our minds working we wouldn't be able to gain anything... (& of course our laptops on which we write our steem posts consume less power than mining farms ;)

I love your depth and the approach to powerful thinking. We are what we think we are. How we think about our lives is how our lives are. What we think about steemit it, will be what steemit becomes. Great share!!

Such a cool point!

awesome educative post! thanks for sharing

I really liked your post !

Hello @stellabelle I agree. Writing is like thinking out loud, is being real and honest and pouring your heart and knowledge to others. I am hopeful for those that pour all this energy into their Steemit posts will be compensated accordingly. Thanks for sharing! Upvoted and fallowed!

Absolutely and positively OUTSTANDING! Being real is probably the best advice anyone can give in advice to being successful on SteemIt.

Very new my self, learning the ins and outs, but the bottom line is this is a platform for real people. The bots are very enticing, they (the bots) probably will earn you some fiat currency , but original content that you have created with your mind is much more valuable.

@jerrybanfield is a new and upcoming steemonian. He probably will end up being what we all call a whale on this platform. Why? Because he is currently sincere and transparent. Jerry just puts himself out there.

Jerry is helpful, transparent and puts people before profit. People before profit is a wonderful thing.

Thank you so much @stellabelle for sharing this insightful thought with everyone. It is a very provoking thought. This is my own question to you. Why is that some fellow steemian writes some uninteresting, irrational, non-educative posts and they still get an upvote? . Now, is it because they have one whale friend who can dash them an upvote, and so they keep on dropping all kinds things into the community?. In fact some of them even copy posts from somewhere, post it and they still many upvote.

Meanwhile, we have some set of individual who are so original with their post and still don't get a good upvote because of reasons i can still not explain.

Now this is my own personal conclusion. Anytime you want to post anything make sure it's original, impacting, educating, meaningful and fulfilling to you.Then it does not matter who upvote or who did not as long as you are finding fulfillment in it and you know you are touching somebody's nee, as well as answering someone's question through that post. Which is one thing have learnt coming to this platform and am grateful for that.
I agree with this post of yours and I want to say if everyone can follow what you have said then success and fulfillment is inevitable on this platform.

Thank you once again for this insightful and mind provoking post.
I still remain @optimistdehinde.

The most agreeable comment I've read... @optimistdehinde . Thanks also @stellabelle, I'll try my best to follow your advice, to be real and write.

thanks for seeing the sincerity of my comment. Passion and originality is very key to success on this platform.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Correct. Deeply concept.

It was always the thing that bothered me most about Bitcoin. The way that it seemed to be just a drain on energy for the apparent reason to make money, I am so glad that Dan came up with this other way. and it attracted me to Steemit. In some ways the film 'Soylent green' kept coming to mind, where people are the food that keeps the system going. Your analogy is much nicer. As regards how we contribute 'Write about what you know' is what my English teacher always told me and thats what I try to do. Although I may not be the best blogger I am using my experience here to hopefully improve and form my own voice. I don't mind the lack of recognition at this stage because I know that when it finally does come, I'll be ready for it. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

Such a worthwhile read. You should really find a niche, while forcefully not doing so. Every human is unique, his or her experienced define them. So write about something you know.

Resteeming and upvoted :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @stellabelle for highlighting @surpassinggoogle's post and building on it in style.

You guys are the inspiration here today - I found a mind-mining poem inside my mind this evening :)

Love this place!

i am getting addicted

yeah, and the addiction never ends....i've been addicted for an entire year, no sign of stopping either.

Booted & suited. I'm ready & good to go, to mine my mind more and more. :)

Basically I'm selling my point of view for 3.50 a post. Is it mind mining or simply stream of conscious writing that wins the prize? Admittedly playing my back papers is not to everyone's taste, but I'm offering pieces of who I was to create a broader picture of who and why I am the way I ham. I see many people here who are excellent at curating an image, an epoch of people raised on social media. Then I see the older generation that's had blogs for years and are at last finding an audience. I agree it is sad that people feel they need to try to scam or falsify instead of simply offering themselves and seeing what that can achieve, rather then attempting to duplicate or plagiarize someone else's success. Great post.

Tienes razon amiga, tenemos que entender que estamos minando steem con nuestra mente

woowww nice information..!!

Those shoes with tongues are scary! :)

Great post. I love honest writing becuase it sucks you into a space where you can get perspective on your life.

Thank you @stellabelle

Thank you...

I must respectfully disagree with your opening statements regarding cryptocurrencies.

Given that transaction validation and securing the blockchain may seem very abstract from the outside, it is performing a critical role for the entire ledger.

Without a large network confirming and agreeing on what has been spent and sent to others, things would swiftly descend into chaos.

Using the human mind to validate and transfer value can work, but it only shifts the energy consumption up the chain. All that food people eat? It was grown and processed somewhere.

The displacement of energy use is now shifted to the farms and factories where the food comes from. A cursory glance at the typical organic farming enterprise tells me that the energy consumed as a combination of petrol, electric and even the food that the employees eat - adds up to more than the cents per kilowatt-hour crypto validation does.

But aside from your stance on crypto, I understand your intent.

Steemit is a platform that allows us to open up the possiblities of our minds. Conceive of an idea, write it, edit it and post. Suddenly, you have a small bit of stone in a raging river. Build enough of these and you have a levee.

Pile yet more on and you have a small dam, diverting payment towards your efforts. It spurs more motivation, and the creative juices flow. You keep building and shaping until you have a small torrent pooled behind tall walls of quality posts.

That is what I agree with. The ability to build your own future and harness the willing transfer of value.

Interesting post, thank you for sharing it.

This actually motivates me to create a post about my Nike flip-flops! Thanks for being real ;)

This is optimistically impressive. Good show!

Alright, I'll do a blog on the shoes I'm wearing right now. My shoes can mine steem.

ok please put a link here when you finish! i want to see them.

Been up for 7 hours. Did you see my worn out shoes?

Great Article so much to digest here @stellabelle!
I will have to read this more than once, indeed!

F.U.R.R. for you! :D

Brilliant way of looking at steem and steemit. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Beautiful post, never thought about it this way till now, thank you. :) Now I am going to start mining by delving deep within my mind for mining power. :D

Te aplaudo 👏 gran post gracias por compartir tu sabiduria con la comunidad @steemit

Well said! We have to be real. When we stop being ourselves, everything just crumbles.

This. Articles like this are exactly why I joined the site & I'm glad I decided to stalk your writings today because this was exactly what I needed to read.

When I first joined it was around the time you were both falling apart beautifully & becoming more you at the same time. I'd run across your posts on Medium & the Choose Yourself group and loved the way you wrote with such raw truth, so I joined to read stuff exactly like this & I'm just thankful that your writing led me to this site (even though I didn't continue with it until a year later) & not only continues to inspire, but that you've really thrived. Kind of beautiful to see, you know?

Don't mind me, just having a small awkward Fangirl moment before checking out the people you mentioned.

Wow, great post @stellabelle .. can I suggest also, adding the power of the heart, which you have already shown.. Appreciating the contribution with the Mind and sharing it with the Heart power .. Magnetically it has 6,000x more power and connects people over the entire planet. Every time you think of someone we actually connect ..

Wow! That's good write up ,very informative and educative.you made me to settle and not to be gambling in one topic to another.thanks for adding value to my life.upvoted

Sensational post. Thank you. I never thought of it that way but it is really what we are doing. Our collective brainpower/experience is what adds value to this site.

Upvoted and followed.

Awesome posts, guess i better get busy and do more writing!!

More accurately, you mine steem with your mind AND your wallet. No money in the account, no reward for the fruits of your mind. I think it's important people understand this or they will become frustrated and quit.

This title sounds like you are totally stoned! X-D

When them communities coming? I've tried to start a community already. It's probably the main thing that keeps me around whenever things get ugly.

Solid overall tips for all of the newcomers to Steemit @stellabelle. I pretty new and have noticed that a lot of newer folks spam the blog with numerous posts rather than to write a few that have more impact, meaning and are more significant.

What a brilliant way to put it. This post is worth sharing beyond steemit. Very inspiring! Thank you.

I dont'know until I found your post @stellabelle. Great post.

Insightful thinking! I have just joined and am intrigued by the idea.

I have been reserved most of my life,to some extent i am getting out of that reservation.
There is a way social media or Internet makes us portray a different us,just because its is social media.
Some one might be broke as hell,but on their bio we titles like "Entrepreneur,CEO,Investor"
I did grow up in the village and in hardships,the next time i am in the village i will take photos of our village and share more.
It will be a great series i promise.

Write about being broke and a failed entrepreneur. I'll read that one. If you're poor and live in a village, write about what it is like to live in a village and what your life is actually like.
I have liked of what you talked of being real here,be you.

Yes @stellabelle you are very right. Many of us who are writing today never realize we have that skills but thanks to Steemit, we have discovered it today - thanks to Steemit.


Mind-mining hive style: https://steemit.com/steemit/@flauwy/steemit-is-activating-the-power-of-the-hive-mind

Not my blog but had to share :)

Mining with the mind, never thought of it that way. But it is correct! My posts still don't make a lot, but hell, I don't care. I'll keep on posting what I like to write about and elaborate on. I am sure, If I keep hanging in there my audience will come. Thanks for the insight!