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I just heard that we hit the milestone of 2,000 dolphins (5,000-50,000SP) yesterday. We had been close for a while, but it looks like a few minnows powered up. That was possibly as part of the Steem Power Up Day on the 1st. I saw that @ashtv and @toofasteddie made it there this week. You can see the stats in the daily post by @arcange. Those also allow us to go back and see the progress.


This does mean that the minnow figure dropped a little, so we need to get back on the case of helping some people get to 500SP. I launched the #MayBeAMinnow campaign a couple of weeks ago with the idea that dolphins and orcas could sponsor a few accounts through the month to help them on their way. I have fairly limited votes, so I have just been supporting three runners,, @marenontherun and @xorb. The chances of them making it this month just from my votes is small, but I will help them anyway.

I would like to see the numbers improve, so if you know any good people with 400SP+ who could use a few more votes then let me know. Those who have more SP and get engagement on their posts are more likely to stick around. We are gaining hundreds of new accounts each week, but we are not seeing many of them do much. We have to value each good creator and nurture them as they can act as Steem ambassadors to bring in even more. The network effect is a powerful force that we do not seem to be utilising.

I will mention again the ways I think you can support people:

  • Votes of course. Give some 100% votes if you can and reduce your votes for big accounts who will do well anyway. You lose a little in curation, but the community benefits. I do not vote strategically anyway, so my curation rewards are not that good anyway.
  • Delegate to them. They can self-vote if they want, but can also earn a little more from curation and get the satisfaction of making a bigger impact on others.
  • Buy them some @SteemBasicIncome shares. They get votes from that and so do you, so it should pay you back in time.
  • You could send them Steem, and this can be directly to SP, but this is a last resort for me as I want to keep building my own up so my vote is worth more.
  • Encourage them to enter contests. There are lots of Steem that reward you with votes, Steem or SBI.

I have just bought more SBI for my three 'redfish'. I use the SBD and Steem that I accumulate and any spare gets powered up. My vote is a bit better now since I took back a few long-standing delegations I had donated to various people as I want to improve what I can do to build minnows.

I would encourage you to find your own set of small accounts to support, but it will be appreciated if you can help those above.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

Steem on!

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Dolphins are becoming more powerful which is great as they seem to be the most active in the ecosystem. However, Minnows will more likely be the power usersnof the future as the community matures. Great to see is still moving forward!

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We need to get more SP into smaller accounts to spread the votes more. It is part of Steem maturing. Let's do what we can.

I mentioned on another post that I finally got around to taking a look at the "New" area of Steemit for the first time in a while. Not the Introduce yourself tag, but the actual new posts that Steemit can show in your feed. I was hoping I would find someone new and small to help or support, but it was pretty much a bust. There was barely any decent content and the stuff that was good the people already had decent sized accounts.

It can be hard to find the real pearls in the post flood, but they should be nurtured. You have to watch out for plagiarism that can be subtle. I do not find much time for this either. New users need to engage with those who share their interests to get noticed and not just spam the system.

Hey @steevc great post and congratulations for being always sharp on the points you really believe in. Also these initiatives, in my opinion, add real value in order to help expose new people and improving their visibility on the platform.

I am still a 'red fish' and this kind of support from more mature and experience steem users really helps to have a bright though about the platform and the people within it. Making smaller accounts stay more time on steem. I will do my small part and upvote the people you are helping as a small part of what I can do.

I also would like to invite you to have a look into my latest posts and account and share tips or any comments you think would help me improve in order to gain more traction on the platform. Since great feedback is always good.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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I would say to not fish for votes so much with post tags and by tagging people. You may get some votes from that, but do you want human interaction? Comment on posts you enjoy and build connections with people. They may then support you. Try to make it fun and don't worry too much about the rewards to start with. They will come in time.

Do use your votes on those who need them (not me) and don't worry about curation rewards as you cannot make much with so little sp. You can do ten votes each day to allow the voting power to recharge.

Try have at least one new post each week so there is always something for people to vote on.

Powering up all your rewards will increase your vote.

Enjoy it.

Cheers @steevc. I like the idea of supporting particular accounts that are heading to Dolphin or even minnow.

Where would I find a list/breakdown of accounts that need such support?

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I generally have to go seeking them out, but I've had people run proper queries before. I should look at how to do that. I think ideally you should find people you would follow anyway and give them extra support to keep it fun.

Exactly, I’d like to find interesting accounts that I enjoy the content of who also are striving for Dolphin/Minnow. So someone being a part of a movement like 10k or so would be ideal. Cheers

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We can discuss this next weekend. Maybe someone will have more ideas.

I added @marenontherun to "my" auto vote bot since @xorb and were already in.



That's great. Thanks

Great news, SBI shares are something I'd recommend. I'm sure that's the best return here! 1 steem and you just keep on getting rewarded, and someone else too. The ROI must just keep increasing!

I'm feeling the benefit of SBI as I buy more and I know it's helping others too.

I hope one day I'll also become a dolphin.

Keep working at it. You may have to buy more Steem to speed up the process, but that is a personal choice. I hope it's a good investment for those who do

With less than 700 future minnows to go, I think we can pull it off easily!

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Just have to seek them out and drum up support. We managed a few hundred with a concerted effort earlier this year. I definitely cannot do it alone :)

Yeah, the 300 minnows in a month was a success! That's why I say it will be easy! 😉

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Not necessarily 'easy', but worth trying for. A few orcas could help a lot.

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