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One of the things I would like to see on Steem is a thriving market in goods and services where people use Steem to pay. We are earning it here, so why not spend it? I know people always say to hold (or HODL), but money in the bank is not necessarily making you happy and there's always the possibility the whole system could collapse (although I really hope it does not).

Whilst I have been on Steem a few opportunities have arisen to buy things. Here is a selection of items which I paid for with my Steem.

3d prints

These are all made on 3d printers. The small figures are in the Phill from GCHQ comic by @katharsisdrill and were made by @evilhippie. These were a limited edition of 30 of each. The tiny computers are cases for a Raspberry Pi and were made by @steddyman, who has not been around in a long while. The things on the left are guitar picks sent to me by @daniel82 who has also disappeared.

I have acquired a lot of guitar picks via Steem as I collect them. I will take any, but would like them to be different from what I have. There is an enormous variety with personalised ones for musicians, music shops and other companies. I do not mind if they are used. Just contact me and we can sort something out. I have had some from the USA, Australia and elsewhere.

I have also bought some purely digital items. The big picture below is also by @katharsisdrill and was a high resolution download. We did discuss if he could do me a print, but the cost was going to be excessive. I ought to mount this properly. The small picture is an original by a lady who used to post her art on the old Tsu social site.


I also bought some actual #comics from @arseniclullaby who included some original artwork.


I have paid for a few other art commissions too. The Peerhub market site allows for listing items for Steem, but it never really took off. I did buy some music from @lloyddavis that he advertised there, but paying was a manual process.

I see that Homesteaders Co-op accepts Steem for various goods and services. I think some other attempts have been made to do this, but it has not taken off as I had hoped. Creative people could really build up their accounts like this. I realise the low Steem price does not encourage spending, but if you have some posts that do really well then why not treat yourself? When the price does go up the market should really take off if the infrastructure is there to support it.

I have also spent a lot of Steem via my Bitwala (service withdrawn and dormant on Steem as @teambitwala) and Wirex (sometimes posting as @communitymanager) debit cards that can convert crypto to pounds. That paid for a guitar and trips to Steemfest. I did buy my Steemfest tickets for Steem directly and that would be my preferred spending method, especially when different currencies are involved.

A recent purchase was my ticket for @SteemCampUK, which takes place this Saturday in Leicester. The Steem market could be a good topic for discussion there.

Have you spent any Steem?

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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A STEEM economy and thriving marketplace would be great for this coin and the platform in general. It would be even nicer if we got to the point where cashing out wasn't even necessary due to the thriving economy of STEEM based marketplaces. That would be awesome!


That's the ultimate goal. This is why I want my favourite bands on Steem so I can buy music, tickets and merchandise for Steem

Awesome post @steevc! I love that you are supporting fellow steemians with your steem purchases :)

I see that Homesteaders Co-op accepts Steem for various goods and services. I think some other attempts have been made to do this, but it has not taken off as I had hoped.

Yes it is not taken off as we have hoped yet either. But we have learned a lot in these few months and have some great ideas that we will be executing soon that we think will help.

One of the things I would like to see on Steem is a thriving market in goods and services where people use Steem to pay.

This is something we have been thinking about a lot and are considering expanding or sharing our marketplace with other ethical/handmade communities outside of homesteaders.


I will definitely be looking into making some purchases there. Some cool stuff for gifts

They need something like Etsy for STEEM. That would be pretty cool. You sounded like my dad at the beginning there. He also believes that money in the bank is not doing you any good. Quite the opposite of my mom. Good thing they each have their own accounts!


@homesteaderscoop have something like Etsy as you can buy various craft goods. I have various investments too, but you need to enjoy the limited time you get on this planet. I need enough to get by, but I do not aspire to fancy cars etc.


I would just love a truck that runs at this point! I keep telling my mom she needs to start selling some of her knitting and crocheting stuff on Etsy, but she won't. She says it would be too much pressure to do it that way. She just likes doing it for her own enjoyment.

I don't think we will see @steddyman again. He sometimes votes my @tasteem posts if I bug him, but other than that he never logs on, not even to auto-vote. A waste of VP I say.


That's a shame. He should delegate his SP if he doesn't want to to make use of it.


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