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I have been running the #TenKMinnows campaign for a few months now, but I will freely admit that it has been a little lacking in organisation. I have to fit it around my other activities.

I check the account stats from @arcange now and again. Unfortunately the number of minnows has dropped a little in the last few weeks. I know a lot of accounts are powering down and we need to do what we can to cancel those out.


I did a campaign over May where I supported three runners with delegation, SBI and extra votes. I have not recorded exactly how much difference this made, but I hope it helped them. @run.vince.run is on 351 SP and he could have over 400 if he powers up all he has. @marenontherun and @xorb both have a long was to go, but I hope they stick with it. I am leaving their delegations in place for now.

I have set up some automatic votes from the @TenKMinnows account and increased my delegation to 5000 SP for now. It has delegations from a few other people and more are welcome. Thanks to @clumsysilverdad, @paulag, @pjau, @revisesociology, @viking-ventures and @grintsch for their support. All the votes go to accounts I consider worthy. Some are already minnows, but I think they deserve on-going support. There is a voting trail if you would like to join it.

I am looking for more candidates for support. To qualify they should meet the following criteria:

  • Be under 500 SP.
  • Not powering down.
  • Producing good posts. This is subjective of course.

People can propose themselves.

I have offered my Steem Monsters cards for small accounts to make use of. This offer still stands. If you are not yet a minnow and register on the game with my link I will lease you enough cards to get going without having to buy a starter pack. Then you can start winning cards with the daily quests that you are free to sell.

EDIT: It seems you have to buy a starter pack to be able to play at all. If you have already done that then I will still consider leasing you cards. I do not expect people to spend $10 and get me a referral just to get my support. You can buy the pack with Steem if you have built some up and it is possible to make that money back if you play for a while.

Small accounts should take advantage of the various offers of support that are out there. @bloggerkrunal took the course about Steem by @paulag and earned some extra delegation. @giftgiver can also top up your delegation.

My own resources for supporting the proto-minnows are limited and so I am calling on the great #Steem community to help me out. It would be great to see over 10,000 minnows. I set a target of the end of the year, but I just want to see more engagement and more people benefiting from this platform.

Suggestions on what we can do to achieve these goals are very welcome.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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All freewriters, all posting regularly, all very interesting.

I see it - thank you! And I love the company I am in, every single one of these.

Enjoy the extra votes :)

I sure will! Thank you so much!

I will have a look to them as well...

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Thank you! Freewrite gets some good bloggers and then they get active :)

Cheers. I will look at those soon.

Hopefully some will come to you when they see the notification.

They have all been added for a vote each day from @tenkminnows as they all look good. Need more delegations to get those votes up.

Thank you so much, @steevc! Tagging @mariannewest so she can see this nice freewrite win, and maybe announce on the daily post so people will delegate.

No problem. Happy to help

GiftGiver's curation part will attempt to help the tenkminnows with votes. Getting ready to announce a 100 SP delegation from @GiftGiver pretty soon.

The powerdown trend will take time to overcome given the 13 weeks it takes to stop. However, I feel that a shift in the price and continued development will help the effort. Still look forward to continuing to support the effort!

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Maybe the rising Steem price will persuade some people to stay for now.

I nominate @maxwellmarcusart

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Thank you for nominating me. How does this work?

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This is just my way to support small accounts. I like your art, so I'm adding you to the auto-votes.


It is always a pleasure for the newbies to get support from those who have been into the system for long

Thank you for the support. I really appreciate.

No problem. I have done pretty well and want to give back.

You get free upvotes

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Thanks for the heads up @steevc
I've seen few minnows and dolphins powering down and leaving from here. And their common reason is about bots took over the control.

Many quality posts don't get noticed and earn pennies, while anything like a selfie goes viral just because of paid promotion and upvotes by bots.

I've seen this personally too on my posts. No matter how much I try to share good values here. It doesn't reach to more people rather than a familiar group. I'm not running behind upvotes as I'm just here to share some good vibes and enjoy my journey by connecting with some good souls. But the lack of real engagements bothers me for sure.

I wish Steemit do something about this to help quality contents to excel on this platform or else this place will become a casino.

I'm about to try on Steem Monsters using your link. As I haven't explored that place yet.

Anyways, as long as I'm here. I'll stick to my plan for sharing good vibes in a faith of helping and guiding other Steemians. And to dive and thrive together on this Steemit ocean.

I've just been dealing with a $400 post that bought a load of votes. The guy thinks he is helping Steem that way, but I see it as negative. I will keep doing what I can to make this a better place to be.

Good work @steevc. Having been on the receiving end of your campaigns I fully appreciate your work. I nominate @lxphoto. I like the simplistic nature of the morrow images. These cna be hard to capture!

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I will consider them, but I think their posts need some context. Just having a photo is not really enough in my opinion. We want to know where it was taken and how they got those results. Just my opinion.

Ahh yes, I do agree actually in terms of written content. That makes all the difference

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I know you amd tenkminnows are giving out sbi, which is nice!
But couldn't you par up a partnership with the likes of @smartvote and @dustsweeper??

A lot of comments dont hit the threshold to pay out anything, which is what dustsweeper are combating or trying to and with smartvote who upvotes comments longer than 150 chars it would mean some minnows would get pay a bit by engaging! :D

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With my limited Steem I can only do so much and so I have to focus on a few areas.

I know, but I was talking about everybody who is involved in the TenKminnows to chip in, I wanna chip in and thats why I also said partnership, that could maybe mean some kinda of discount, so dustswepeer and smartvote would also help in the great scheme of things :D

I am trying to keep things simple and direct votes seems like the most direct way to support people. That is just what I am doing, but I will support anyone who sets up other schemes with the same aims.

I left the minnow group and became a dolphin instead.

That's great. We have gained a few dolphins recently.

The no. 1 problem, as I see it, is that on the blockchains, we have many producers and few consumers. We need to find a way to find more consumers along with real ways for them to contribute/support the producers. I think that's why the whole advertising thing came up.

I'd love to spend more time consuming/curating, but I spend most of my time working on my stories so that I can keep up a constant stream of material to post. The reality is, that most of us who are producing excellent content simply don't have the time to also be the consumers.

I'm not sure how to solve that problem, actually, but there is likely to be a solution that hasn't been thought of yet.

I do a lot of reading on Steem as well as posting. I just spend time here rather than using other sites as I get value from it. We do need more consumers. This is why I would like to see more creators (bands, writers, comic artists) joining up and encouraging their fans to come over too to support them. The fans could be earning something from curation, so everyone benefits. It is a brave move as Steem is still pretty small and the masses are elsewhere.

Perhaps this is reason no. 1 to support the anticipated move to 50/50 split of the rewards. As much as I dislike losing that larger cut of my curie upvotes (they are my no. 1 supporter right now), it just might encourage more consumers to the platform - especially if they adjust the whole RC thing as well.

I am really not sure if that is enough to bring in more people to keep them here. Steem can already work as it is, but it is not growing as I expected.

I wonder if the massive explosion of cryptos in general is partly to blame for this. We may be waiting for things to settle down a bit, then the winners will be made clear. I'm sure Steem will be one of the winners if the ones at the top continue to ensure they support the needs of the content creators.

The general atmosphere around Steem over the past year has been one of depression, to be honest. Sure, there are plenty of people (like myself) who remain positive, but many others have left - either to other blockchains or crypto altogether. The most positive seem to be those for whom Steem is a real world blessing for - those in Venezuela, for example. As much as Steem has struggled, it's still better than their "currency." Supporting them is a great reason to keep on Steem.

I use curie values as a guidepost - my first curie (March 2018) was worth 53 STU. My lowest was around 10 in December. Yesterday's is around 14. It's going to take a bit more to regain what's been lost.

Thank you for taking care of the platform by doing this to boost up the minnows. =)

Minnows here are underfed that is why they have a stunted growth. A lot of them dies and went offline never to be heard again for eternity.

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Nice post @steevc

I thought I had one for you the other day that I was going to suggest. He seems to post multiple times a day though and I wasn't sure if that would be considered spammy. I think he is buying and powering up a ton, so it at least looks like he is very invested in the platform! I might shoot you a private message in Discord to have you check him out.

I have added a few to my auto votes, so those are getting spread thinner. I am hoping for some more delegations or people can join the voting trail.

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