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I have some friends who have joined Steem recently and I had some thoughts about various things that might be useful to them. I hope this also helps other new users.

Steem can seem quite intimidating when you join up. There are all those keys and strange formatting features for posts.


I had to check where the key settings are on Steemit as things got changed recently. They are on the Steemit Wallet now. Generally you should be logged into this and the main Steemit site with your Posting Key as that is all you need to post, comment, vote and collect rewards. You need your Active Key for any other wallet actions, so keep that extra safe.


I use the Lastpass password manager where I can set 2-factor authentication and other restrictions to protect my passwords. The first thing you do when you get your account is to make a safe copy of the keys, even if that means printing them out. Losing those can mean losing control of your account. If someone else created your account for you then you should change the password so they cannot access it.

Follow some people

When you first join you will not be following anyone and nobody will know you are there, although there are some 'bot' accounts that will find you. There is no need to follow anyone back unless you are actually interested in what they post.

Use the tags to find people who share your interests. There is the issue that some tags such as photography, food and travel are massively over-used. More specific tags such as running, knitting, breadmaking or dronephotography may get better results. There are communities that use specific tags to cover all sorts of interests.

Follow some people whose posts you think you will enjoy and leave them some comments. Those should be conversational and not just 'please follow me!'. This is a social platform and so try to make friends. You may earn votes on your comments and they may encourage people to follow you.

Do some posts

When someone follows you they will want to see some posts. People are encouraged to do an introduceyourself post to say who you are and offer some proof that you control the account. That proof can be a photo where you display your user name on some paper, or a video would be even better and harder to fake. If you have other social media accounts then you can link from there to your Steem account.

Do not go too mad with posts to start with. It may not be worth spending hours on a long post that nobody will find. Maybe save that for when you have some follows. If you have ten posts each day then that may be too much for some people in their feed. Quality is more important than quantity.

You really can post about anything on Steem, but think about what people will find interesting, entertaining or informative. Do not copy material from elsewhere as that can be detected. If you need photos then source them from sites that allow re-use. If you post a video you found on YouTube then add value by saying why you posted it and give your opinion. It is about adding value.

Use the tags with care. Some have special meaning and misusing or over-using them may be considered abuse. Make them relevant to the post, but check to see what others are using.

You should try to post at least once each week so there is always one that can earn rewards.


I think everyone should use their votes, but as a new user you will probably just have a few SP (Steem Power) and so the value of your vote will be tiny. But if lots of small users vote on a post then it could get some rewards. I believe a post or comment needs to get to around 2c before the author gets anything, so you might not want to be the only one voting on something.

You can do 10 full votes each day before your voting power will not recover in 24 hours. On the Steemit site you can only give 100% votes until you have around 500SP, but some other sites give you the 'slider' anyway. With low SP it is not really worth giving less than a full vote anyway.

I would not worry too much about curation rewards initially. Some people vote strategically, but with low SP you do not stand to make much anyway. Vote on things you actually like.

Build your SP

Unless you are desperate to take our any money you make I would suggest that you power up everything you earn at the start. This will increase your voting power. You can set your posts to payout totally in Steem Power. This also shows that you are committed to building up your account.


If you gain some Steem or Steem Dollars you can power those up too from the wallet. Use the Market to convert Steem Dollars to Steem.

You can also buy some Steem. It is relatively cheap at the moment. You could get to the 'minnow level' of 500 SP for just $155 right now. I realise that is a lot to many people, but others will spend that on coffee in a month. If you get to that your vote will be worth about a cent.

Use contests

There are lots of people giving away votes, @SteemBasicIncome shares, @SteemMonsters cards and other incentives, so seek these out. I won 4.5 Steem this week and have had lots of other winnings. There is something for everyone with contests for writing, photography, music or just answering a question or guessing what a post will be worth.

Use dapps

Distributed apps are different ways to access the Steem blockchain. Using some of these can earn you extra votes from the projects. Some I have used are:

  • @partiko is a mobile Steem app that is really good. They have their own token that you can earn from posting, voting, commenting and watching ads. You can convert that into Steem, but you will not get too much right now. I find the app convenient when I am away from my PC.
  • @esteemapp has mobile and desktop apps. I am using the eSteem Surfer desktop app to write this post and I will probably get a vote from them for doing so.
  • is an alternative web interface with some nice features. Using the 'busy' tag can earn you a vote if you used the dapp to write your post.
  • @actifit is another mobile app with the specific task of tracking your activity (as steps) and allowing you to post about it each day. You can earn their points according to how many steps you make.
  • @DTube is the Steem equivalent of YouTube. They give some good votes to videos they like.
  • @steem-plus is a browser extension that makes the Steemit and some other dapp sites much better. You can earn points in various ways that can get you votes.

To log into these dapps you will generally use Steem Connect or Steem Keychain. These are ways to allow access without giving your actual keys to the dapps. Always double check you are logging into the real site. Lastpass verifies this before giving the key.

Play games

There are various games built on Steem. Some of them can reward you just for playing or for referrals. My referral links are below if you want to use them. The main one I play is @SteemMonsters. It is a battling card game where you can win cards. You do really need to buy a starter pack for $10, but you could soon make that money back by selling cards as some are worth a lot of money. Or you can just enjoy it. If anyone joins with my link below then I am willing to lease you some cards for free so you can advance a little quicker.

Steem Monsters

Become a minnow

I have been running the #TenKMinnows campaign for a couple of months to try and build up some small accounts. We need more people holding a decent amount of SP to spread the votes and encourage them to stick around. I also have #MayBeAMinnow specifically for this month where I am giving a select group extra help.

As a bonus I am prepared to offer a free delegation of 50SP to 10 people for the rest of the month who can meet the following requirements:

  • Have less than 500 SP
  • Have powered up all their Steem and Steem Dollars and are not powering down
  • Have posts that I do not consider to be 'spam'
  • Are not buying votes

Leave a comment if you are interested.

Others are also supporting the so-called redfish including:

Other tips

I am sure there are others, so please mention them in the comments.

Things to not do

  • Do not spam Steem. Posting the same comments everywhere is going to get you downvoted and wreck your account. The spam levels are not too bad generally, so do not spoil it.
  • Do not abuse other users. You can be fairly anonymouse on Steem, but being a troll will also get you downvoted.
  • Do not buy votes on junk posts. That is just greedy and could also get you downvoted. I am not a fan of buying votes, but it goes on and the freedom of Steem means it cannot be stopped. It is your choice on how you want to earn here.

I hope that answers a few questions. If I have anything wrong or have missed some good tips, then please comment. I love the conversations I have on Steem as it is full of smart people.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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Great work Steve, some great tips for new Steem users !!


Cheers. I may take back the delegation I gave you now you have built your SP up. I want to be able to give bigger votes to the small accounts.


Hi Steve, be my guest 😁 you're doing great work for the new steemit users. Thank you very much for the delegation so far, much appreciated al this time. There are a few people here on steemit that are really devoted to bring and help a lot of people to steemit, and I think you are one of the pioneers in that. Thanks a lot !!!


I keep reviewing my delegations and want my SP to do the most good. Good to see you have made so much progress.


And thats just what's making it a great thing you're doing. Thinking of building this platform to another level by encouraging people and helping them with your delegations and SP. And that's admirable. The progress is also thanks to you and other people like @slobberchops , @bozz and many more. So thanks again !!!

Hi Steevc
This post contains some useful information.
I hope some of the new members find it and learn from it. I have upvoted and ReSteemed this post.

Awesome article. Thanks for the info. I'm a one month here newbie. So still learning loads 😁

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And @steevc if that doesnt answer all the questions we Will be happy to help out in the discord server STEEMTERMINAL and newbies are mentioned on @heyhaveyamet. Our way to Pay back to the platform


That looks a bit like my #FollowFriday posts. I keep pushing that, but it has not taken off like on Twitter.


You are welcome in the Terminal offcourse it’s a coop with @xcountytavelers and @thekittygirl


Thanks, but I don't find much time to hang out in discord lately.


Ahhhhh time, need some more of that lately.

This is good, I learned something too even though I've been around for a while. It is a lot to learn as a newbie but you just have to start using and learn as you go.

You didn't mention steepshot, is that not a dapp? It's the only app I have on my phone connected to Steem, but it is really convenient if you are busy but want to post a photo and an update!


Steepshot is unavailable on the android platform and I've tried sharing on their web based platform only to get error messages all the time. Stopped trying for now unless you have some tips? 🤔

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I had Steepshot on Android a while back, but wasn't using it. I think Partiko has taken over on mobile.


I did try Steepshot ages ago, but haven't heard much about it lately. It's great to have all these options. Steem has something for everyone

Excellent man, keep doing the great work.

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In sprite of all the doom and gloom there really are new people out there. Hope they get to see this, re-steemed for visibility.

Very good summary, all on one place!

Great, succinct advice!

Great tips!

Doing good (relatively) on Steemit is fairly easy when knowing how everything works but it's all quite brutal on new members. Breaking through that initial wall is difficult for most. I do see some form of vote buying for newer users as a 'good' thing, it helps to get more upvotes as posts give higher curation rewards (if vote is bought later on) and most of the time gives a positive return helping to grow faster. Best way to grow from nothing to 500SP is to be in power down while using that STEEM to get more votes. Make friends along the way and indeed play a lot of contests.

Would be nice if the times with a bigger amount of new members come back.


Quickest way to minnow is to buy Steem and its relatively cheap now. Making the whales more powerful by buying votes is not ideal in my opinion

I love these type of posts because I felt so lost when I first joined. Plus I always learn a little something new. I'm sitting on a bunch of steem monster cards that I have no idea what to do with and I've never tried @esteem before. thanks for the info

Nice overview. This should be very helpful to some of the new users that are on the platform. Now if we can just get a bunch more new users maybe we can start seeing some positive movement!

Thank you for the tips! I’ll treasure it.
I just didn’t understand why if I try to log in with my posting key on Steemit, it shows me an error. I have to log in with the active key.
Has anyone the same problem?

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I thought the Steemit site did not allow using your active key now as it is not needed for anything there. You should only need it on the wallet. Are you sure you do not have your keys mixed up?


Yes, I’m pretty sure. With the active key I can manage the wallet as well.
No problem for that, I always use the active key. But it is strange. I haven’t figured out why yet..

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Thanks Steve! I’ll share your tips with my friends I invite and invited on Steem.
Resteemed with joy.
Cheers 🥂

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I realy have given up my steem I can no grow I just use to promote or make links

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I could only read some of your posts, but personal photos with a brief description may not be considered of value by your followers. Have you got any close friends on Steem who would support you? You have to find your audience

Great summary for the increasing number of new users coming! I think many are starting to come through communities and dapps which make this wave more excitinf but also challenging given the lack of knowledge of the items you mention. Great one to Resteem!

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do you think a simple change like rewording 'keys' to 'passwords' would help with onboarding?


It might help as most people do not understand encryption and digital signing, but the descriptions of how keys work has at least improved. Things like you course can help those who are new to crypto and some of the dapps hide some of the complexity. It's better than it used to be, but people have to be aware of the risks and responsibilities.

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thanks ! @steevc for helpful Goooooood Tips ! :) ♥♩♬

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역시~! 반가운 곰도뤼~♥

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Great post and tips. I doing a weekly SP giveaway for new users and I have this sort of post in the recommendation session. Sure, I include this.

I haven't seen a newbie that's on 100% power up but I hope they can learn from this post and grab the opportunity you're offering. Resteemed!

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Nobody took up my delegation offer yet, but it's still open. If you believe in Steem you need to go all in at the start and not worry about bailing out early. Building your SP is a way to show this.


That's right! 💯

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Though I'm not new here. But who want to miss some tips!
Good points.