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Improving SEO on Steem and

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I've seen this mentioned elsewhere. Someone thought it might actually harm our posts that they are replicated across multiple sites and so might even look like plagiarism. It's another challenge to solve. I hope you can work with the others building sites around Steem to fix this.

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This is something I often wondered, how replicated posts might harm the SEO. Does reposting original content from another url on Steemit confuse the algorithm? @SteemPress


Not really. What is morenlikely to happen is that alternative frontends just never rank.

Because of the authoritative DA of Steemit, Steemit probably doesn’t suffer from such. There’s not a big problem if a majority are internal links and if that is also consolidated by other links to Steemit on other front-ends.

The problem is solely that when you look in Google for unique Steem account names only Steemit will rank for that profile. Such is the strength of Steemit being the largest, oldest, and the site benefitting most incoming links.

All the other front-ends probably suffer a huge duplicate content penalty for it.

Canonical will now allow alternative front-ends to respect what was the originating app is what posted from and should thus be the site benefitting the search engine traffic as “original publication source”.

Without alternative front-ends suffering a duplicate content penalty (Ignatius they have implemented the canonical tag).