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I posted previously about my latest effort to get more people to minnow status. That means having at least 500 SP powered up (and under 5,000 when they become dolphins). Currently there are around 9,300 at this level and I think there should be far more. The longer term goal is 10,000 by the end of the year, but this needs some work as so many are powering down for whatever reasons.

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I have said I would concentrate on Steem communities that reflect my interests so that this is fun for me. If you want to do the same then find those posting about what you are into.

In this instance I will feature some runners. I was already running when I joined Steem (2.5 years ago), but over time I have found lots of runners here. Their posts inspire me and some of them give some great coaching advice based on lots of experience. There are all levels of runner here from joggers like me to ultra-marathoners and triathletes. Here are a few who I will be directly following and giving extra votes to in order to help them get to minnow. I will also be buying some @SteemBasicIncome shares for them to increase the votes they get on all their posts.

  • @run.vince.run makes his obsession very clear and I think just about all his posts are about running. He has been on Steem for over a year and has been active as part of the @runningproject community. He currently has 112SP, but also has some other Steem and SBD. I have asked if he intends to power these up as that would get him most of the way to minnow.
  • @marenontherun has also been here for about a year. She is another who posts mostly about running. She has just 86 SP right now plus some SBD. I hope I can boost that a bit.
  • @xorb in another who joined up last year, but they have just a few SP. I do not expect everyone I support to become a minnow immediately, but I can help them along a bit.

I'm actually finding that a lot of the runners have already become minnows or even dolphins, so I am open to suggestions for a few more to add. I would prefer those posting in English as that's just easier for me to check out what they are doing. A lot of these people use the @Actifit dapp to log their runs, which can earn them extra votes from the project as well as earning tokens that could have some value eventually.

For now I have bought them 2 SBI shares each and voted up their latest running posts. I will be giving them more votes for at least until the end of next month. I do not feel the need to fixed deadlines and will see how it goes.

I feel that supporting 'redfish' and minnows is something we should be doing regardless of special projects. Steem needs a bigger 'middle class' to spread the voting to ensure rewards go to more people and not just the usual suspects. I am not worried about my own curation rewards, but most of what I make will be powered up and some of the rest used on SBI. I just need to try and keep my voting power fairly high so I can give better votes. Please do not be offended if you are a dolphin and I vote for you less.

Steem on and make more minnows!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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What is the reason for @run.vince.run to have to steem/sbd leftover? Is it needed to pay for bills and such or is there no reason.

Because as of know with the with the sbd converted into steem he would have 260 steem with that powered up + his 356 already. He would have 616 :) Its easy for him to become a minnow if he would power up, unless he needs it :)

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I'll let him respond on this. I appreciate that people may need to withdraw their rewards

Not sure if he can see it, since we cant tag the right profile :p
Me2, if its need go ahead be my guest to make your livng condition better, that would just be awesome!
But just having "alot" of steem or sbd laying around is not really beneficiale for anybody xD

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Hey @cwow2 thanks for the interest and am still learning a lot about the process. Didn't really know about me getting to minnow level by powering up, but these posts have been a good help to get me there.
Regards @run.vince.run

No problem my man!
I am just curious when the goal is to grow the middel class :D

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I see you have powered up now. That will boost the votes you can give. Enjoy the power!

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

Thank you so much for this attention, @steevc! I did not know about "minnow" before, but now I definately will try to increase my activity here again.

Keep on running. And steem-ing!

Names like minnow are just a way to track progress. Just keep on doing what is fun. I do enjoy seeing people level up.

For those not quite to minnow yet... I have to say that that while it costs a little bit of coin, at current Steem price levels reaching minnow status is pretty achievable for many people (Wish I could say the relative threshold to achieve dolphin status was that easy, but I'll get there eventually 😉)

The crypto winter won't last forever, and even now seems to be showing signs of giving way to a bull cycle. If one believes in Steem's future, it's possible it may never be this affordable again...

It's not much more than $200, which may be affordable to some. I know people who have invested a lot more than that. If people show commitment but buying some Steem I may be able to give them extra votes

I make a lot less now than I used to or many here (the bear market has been brutal for my income), so I know it can be hard to commit money to this. But regardless, in the spirit of "put up or shut up", I just converted some of my mining income into STEEM and powered it ALL up, almost doubling my SP to just under 1000.

So... who's going to be the next one to power up? 😀

My journey with @actifit has been great and starting to support those communities surrounding it would be great! Look forward to seeing what they have!

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That's a good idea you got there! Will try and keep an eye on those blogs as well; actfit does help with a little boost on the posts, and at least for me, it is actually an incentive to run more! :)

Dang, maybe I need to start running so I can get myself to Dolphin status :) Nice group of people you have highlighted here!

I’m very happy that you support the runners community, indeed @run.vince.run and @mareontherun deserve more attention.
I will have a look at @xorb as well since seems a good candidate for the @runningproject family

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The last name I gave you @denissemata may not in the situation to power up to minnow as she needs the steem.

That's fair enough. I'm not judging people by that. I can only really support a few at a time, but I hope others will do the same.

@steevc, Great effort brother and it's good step to empower Steemians and in a way it's affecting in a good way to Steem Community's bigger picture. I really want to appreciate this effort and keep up. Stay blessed.

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Steve @steevc. @denissemata is a person who really needs help and lives in Venezuela . The people there barely have enough food. I would love to see her reach Minnow status.

Thanks for the support❤

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