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I'm sure you have all been refreshing your browsers to see the latest #FollowFriday post. Well, here it is! Of course I would love to see others do their own. I found someone using the tag on unrelated posts recently, but it has been a while since others shared some notworthy Steemians in this way.

The News

The big one is the Steem price which has doubled in the last month or so. It is almost back to what it was a year ago, but then last March it was over 50c. It would be great to see us get back to that level. It might give the community a boost and bring back more people who left. Steem Dollars are back to the 'peg', which should mean we do not need the 'potato' posts.

Prices from @coingecko

There are also some rumours flying that the TRON project may buy into Steem. I have little idea what that means for us. @pennsif has been reporting on it in his daily news posts.

@splinterlands (the dapp formerly known as Steem Monsters) has a mobile version. I tried it on my phone and it is perfectly playable. That opens up the game to many more potential players.

Follow-worthy Steemians

  • I will give a shout-out to some of my fellow Steem runners who inspire me. See @flemingfarm @shazza @marenontherun @ervin-lemark @rthelly @ultratrain. Strava users may want to check out the Steem Runners club. I have also requested a club for this on parkrun, but it has yet to appear.
  • @leighscotford is fairly new here, but has a good mix of posts about his gardening projects and his motor-racing.
  • @verhp11 got to his first Steem meet-up this week where he met some cool people. He is a fellow musician.
  • @papilloncharity do good work in South Africa and post some cool wildlife shots most days whose rewards help their cause.
  • @drwatson has been busy recently with updates on their supernatural comic. You can currently win a custom artwork in a free draw.
  • @solominer did a good post about why people involved in the @steemflagrewards project downvote. It is not about scaring people away. It is about getting Steem rewards to good users and discouraging abuse of the platform.

The Doghouse

I can always find candidates for this section who deserve some downvotes.

@incrediblesnow is churning out one line posts to milk some accounts who give them votes. That may get called vote farming. You have the freedom to choose which forms of abuse you downvote.


Another case who may have changed their ways is @periods who was posting multiple Splinterlands battles each day and buying votes for them. They may have learned this is not profitable. They seem more concerned with playing dice games to earn Steem now. I do not know how much they are likely to make from that. I am no gambler.

More spam

Closing Words

I used to post a footer with some affiliate links, but that did not seem to gain me much and so I have stopped it for now. I may create a new footer for my posts, but I do not see it as essential. I will say that support for my @tenkminnows project is still welcome. By delegating or following the trail you can help support some small accounts who need a boost. I would encourage you to direct your votes to those who need and deserve them rather than voting strategically for curation rewards. We need to keep building the community and the big rewards will come later.

Steem on!


Right. I'm going to give this Splinterlands thing a go. It can't be that hard :)

If you haven't already logged in you can use my link. It's fairly simple to get into and somewhat addictive.

I think I logged in during SteemFest 3. It was still Steem Monsters though. I'll use the link anyway just in case.

No worries. I only have a couple of referrals and don't think I get much from them. There are Steem Monsters and Splinterlands sites, but I assume it's all the same.

!BEER for all your work on the platform :)

Thanks for the mention and many thanks for everything that you do here.

Interesting about the footer. I recently added a section. Besides @actifit I am now promoting my latest gadget-love, the Coros watch :)

Have a great weekend!

I have nothing against people promoting stuff on their posts. We are all interested in some extra income, especially if Steem is not paying much. Not that those links did much for me. A few signed up to Presearch, but hardly any used it enough to pay.


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Nice list of people you have there! I noticed a couple that I already follow and a couple that I might need to check out! The price definitely is a nice surprise. We will see what happens as we move forward. I have heard about the TRON thing, but I don't really understand what it could mean for us either. Of course any big infusion of cash could lead others to buy in as well. That wouldn't be a bad thing.

With price, increases come more opportunities for some reason which is daft because it's better to that when the price is low but okay these people aren't reasonable. sprinkled a few downvotes their way. Looks like we're starting to break the peg the other way, oh what to do now?

What do you make of the Tron partnership?

Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

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