10k Satoshi Steem and $1 SBD

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Could this be grounds for optimism? Steem has be gradually going up recently, mostly due to Korea, and is doing better than most of the market. I tend to compare it to Doge as they used to have similar market cap. Currently Steem is worth just overhalf a much as all the Dogecoin.


The Steem Dollar had gone a long way from the intended peg, but it's dead on now. We've seen it go way high before, but I wonder if it can be kept there for a while.


I'm not selling for now, but I would hope this will boost confidence.

I'll remind you that I'm on the MSP Waves radio with @pennsif at 8pm UTC tonight to discuss the 10k Minnows Project.

Steem on!

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I hope it crashes again because I wanted to buy some..

I'm also here to get the vote you mentioned in the mspwaves-audience chat :p

Technically you are already a minnow, but have a vote anyway :) Maybe it's good for Steem to stay low a bit longer so users can buy their way in. I know some people bought when Steem was much more expensive, but they can wait a bit longer to make their money back. I just want to see more people take advantage of what Steem can do for them.

Thanks! :)

Yea I'm waiting for months now for the right entry point..

Great :)

You are an ideal candidate for the #TenKMinnows project I've been working onas you are almost a minnow. I'll give you some extra votes. I see you are a musician. Have you done the #OpenMic contest?

Hi! Yes I have joined Open Mic :) I would like to know more about your project #TenKMinnows :)

Hi. You can find more details in this post. It's all about supporting good people who are just getting started with Steem, like yourself. I can do little myself, but I encourage others to contribute. Check out some who I have linked to and leave them a vote and/or comment. You do not have to vote for me. I want votes to go to others who need them more.

I want to see 'minnows' help each other. They can also take advantage of 'dapps' like busy, dtube and esteem that give out votes to users. What I'm against are the buying of votes, especially on junk content.

I see you are almost up to minnow level (500 SP) and I hope you can get there soon.

Ok Thanks!!! :)

I'm feeling myself really optimistic ;)

Things are looking pretty good for STEEM right now.

I just hope we won't be falling to 0.30$ anytime soon though.

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You just never know. It can turn around overnight

Yeah. That's true.

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Looking forward to listening tonight! I've an alarm set so I don't forget.

I'm a little nervous, but then I know a lot of the people involved.

I see in today's news that the London Stock Exchange has now also accepted the Blockchain! Good news?

I missed that. The word blockchain is being tossed around a lot lately, but not always for the right reasons. It's not the answer to every problem

Been an optimist the whole week! That's why I'm powering up :)

This is definitely encouraging! I hope it holds for sure. I'd love to see SBD stay right at $1 while Steem continues to grow like was originally intended. I also like that this is happening despite BTC still moving up and down quite randomly. Thanks for sharing this info!

It's definitely due to Korean influence. As Im close to their time zone, I watch it rise during the day. I go to bed and next morning when I awake and while the european and American markets are only running, its dropped again! Ruins my morning until the cycle starts again!
I dont know whats going on there to create such an influence but if the upwards trend continues, I wont worry too much about it!

I'm really intrigued as to why Korea has such a high volume at the moment. I wonder if it's still got something to do with the STEEM - Samsung rumours, or Samsung apparently accepting STEEM as payment in their stores.

It's been going on for a long while. They just seem to love crypto and Steem is pretty popular there according to the web stats.

I hope steem reaches at least a dollar. We've fallen so much, so I'm not asking for much.

It may get there in time, but I think we have to grow more first to justify it.

Price is trending upwards and I think it'll continue that way progressively. it feels like steemit catch some sort of new air.

It's good to see it go up, but we've seen it crash so many times. I think that if we can build a bigger Steem community then it will add value. I have bought things with Steem and it helps if the price is higher.

Not selling to because I don't have much to sell.

I can relate to that!


Nice to see some green today it made my day :)
Hope we can find support on this level.

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I will never be optimistic again.

That's a shame. I try to look for the good in everything

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