Steepshot is pleased to announce a new photo contest dedicated to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

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Hello, Steemians!

Many of you write us and ask about the next contest. Finally here it is.
In view of the fact that now practically the whole world’s attention is geared to the World Cup 2018 competition that tooks place in Russia, we decided to run a new photo challenge. Below you can find the rules.



  • To make a post consisting photos that will dealing with the topic of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

How to enter.


  • Resteem this post.
  • All photos must be your original work.
  • The contest will be running through 7 days
  • We will publish the results the next Friday (22.06.18)
  • The best 10 galleries will get such rewards:



All the photos will be taken on a case according the quality of the images, the composition, lighting, exposure, and aesthetics.
Public votes will not be used as a basis.


If you haven't been the user of our app yet, you can download it below and sign in with your Steem account.

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4 copy 2.png

Discord group

Also you can promote your contest photos on our Discord group in the #post-promotion channel:


More info


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







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Great contest, I hope you like my entry! :-)


Nice! and isnt the new steepshot app look amazing?

Cool looking entry!

Thanks for your compliment, @amazingwoman!! :-)

Good luck to everyone who are planning on joining the contest! I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of photos from the world cup in the coming days ;)

For some reason my last entry doesn't show up under the tag so I'll leave it here to be sure you see it.

Croatia has the best football fans @steepshot Gallery with 7 snaps for the #steepshotchallenge

What about people who can't visit Russia this season.

it's not obligatory to be in Russia to be able to take photos that will deal with the topic of 2018 FIFA World Cup, be creative and good luck!

Thanks for such a nice contest!

Thanks for hosting this contest @steepshot, this will be so much fun. Going to the main square today to film a video for the @dlive campaign for the World Cup and will take a lot of snaps for the #steepshotchallenge

Best of luck to everyone!

To make a post consisting photos that will dealing with the topic of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

To make a post consisting of photos related to [the topic of] the 2018 FIFA World Cup.*

What language are you translating from? There are a bit more words than necessary. The bracketed text above seems redundant (to me) but can be left in the sentence and I don’t think it would be incorrect.

Thanks for the contest! :)

yeah Superb and Good Luck #Steepshotusers

Great to see Steepshot has dedicated a challenge to World Cup 2018.

beautiful contest. i love your blog.

Co0l contest! 😁 This is my entry! Steem on Steepshot!
Steepshotchallenge-My Entry

Great theme for this week - thanks Steepshot!!

Vancouver goalie climbs on teammate to knock the ball out of the goal!

Bad link - auto complete on my computer 😝haha

Here is the link to my post - I’m new, so please check out this and my other posts. Thanks :) astrud

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i follow you and give u upvote and you again follow me and upvote
thanks in advance

great! this is a very good idea for this period where we football fans and we wait four years to follow the excitement of the World Cup we can be more in tune with the fever of the matches!

Thanks for creating so nice application on steem blockchain. I've writen this post about adding steem dollar to binance and I think it's important for all the community. I hope for your support.

Great! Let's participate the contest! 🏆

Thanks for all the upvotes on my posts. Really appreciate it!

Indeed, this is a shot!
This contest is going into my ads box on Steem Music Box Show for this week , you can see here

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