🍀 LUCKY FRIDAY! 🍀 Results of the contests! Are you on the winners list? 💰

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It's time to announce the winners of this week contests!
Maybe it will be your lucky Friday! Check out the list:


🏆 Lucky winners of this round: 🏆


Each of you has already received 4.35 STEEM on your game account. 💰

🎁 BLACK or RED? 🎁

The correct result is "BLACK"

🏆 Lucky winners of this round: 🏆


🏹 Roulette Shooter🏹

The lucky number of this round is "30":
The video from the draw you can watch here.

In this round, no one has predicted the lucky number correctly.

🎲 Dice Roller 🎲

The lucky number of this round is “32” so the right guess is “BELOW”

🏆 Lucky winners of this round: 🏆


Congrats and thank you everyone for taking part in all the games!🎉🎉🎉
Rewards are already waiting for you on your game accounts! 💸

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Thanks! Glad to be a part of the competition and get something out of it. 😁

And we're glad, that we can bring more fun to our players! Congrats and good luck next week! 😉

I win
I win!!!!

No problem, congrats! 🎉

Cool I win!!!
Thanks 🎉😎

Thank you, sir, I want to ask why the game history on the dice is no longer visible, only this long history is seen ..

Even though I played it but there was absolutely no history here ...