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Free Resources - (cost nothing to learn)
The information in this post can help you learn to earn on steemit! If you give any of these resources and simple instructions I provide an effort, you will succeed! If you join the Discord you can ask us any questions about steemit, we are all learning together.

Look for new resources coming soon!
ATTENTION new minnows keep your flag away until you understand the outcome!
Don't get downvoted by a whale or shark! Post original quality content! Post 2+ times daily and reply on 20-50 posts you enjoy daily with good questions and sincere comments! In time you will earn daily!
Steem Engine - utilize follow function to get new followers (only follow if interesting to you), upvote to get upvotes (only upvote quality content). Notice I use all my votes and let a few good articles get 90-100%, now my votes & followers are growing fast! Now to show how effective steemengine is!
⬆Click the big train above to join⬆
⬇Proof Steem Engine works⬇
⬇Donot stand ontop of a ladder!⬇
These pictures show that I can take selfies at work while my account is still up voting my favorite authors thanks to - great account automation tool, put settings to 70-80%, then click fan, now search my name (dynamicrypto) and follow me at 100% at 15 minutes, post in comments that you did & I will match your upvote and follow you also! (Unless your content is crap)
Delegate to the only profitable bot ThunderCurator as he manually upvotes 300%!
⬆Click the meme to delegate⬆, to lower or raise amount change vests (currently at 150 vests), also change my username to yours!
Smart Market - register & sell your vote if your not trying to build a following or post content!
Go check out minnowbooster, like smartmarket you have many options to earn! ⬆click above⬆
Steemit School if you want indepth classes held by whales teaching you how to become a whale)
Be Part of Steemit School Discord Channel
⬆click the meme to sit in on the classes⬆

Sponsored Resources-

Steem Basic Income - send 1 Steem/SBD @steembasicincome with a friends name in the comment. This buys you both 1 share and upvotes for life. There are 5 groups which members max at 100 with 100 shares each for sustainability. Designed to repay in 22.5 weeks but longer now as it fluctuates with the coin.

If you enjoyed or need more tips see our other how to posts for minnows-(need to learn anything steemit just ask I will try my best to provide you a tutorial.

Curation Explained by @elsiekjay

How to welcome new steemians

How to create a discord link that does not expire

How to lease steempower from

How to follow a curation trail

How to autovote another Steemian & How to Earn

How to avoid phishing sites & scammers

If you join the discord ask for @dynamicgreentk for help, he is on 18+ hours daily to help you! We also have admins from around the world here to help 24/7
Want to support minnows and like our efforts delegate SP to @dgi to curate minnows, delegate to @dynamicgreen which rewards dynamicsteemians staff & ambassadors so they can spend more time supporting minnows and focus on steemits retention. If you like a perticular admin please feel free to delegate to them directly @dynamicgreentk, @preshey, @ntowl, @thundercurator, @suheri, @antonette, @baa.steemit & more ambassadors added soon! Interested talk to @dynamicgreentk it involves helping new Minnows learn, is rewarded with upvotes & is not easy!

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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