Steem Kids The Legend Begins

in #steem6 years ago

Has Been a while since I introduced my Kids an my nephew to the Steem Platform, I left them out for a bit just to see what they want to do, and they are taking this so seriously that they still very excited about Steem and stuff.

It was very cool also that a few Kids starting to join the platform, that was a good achievement already and expect many kids more to come because @steem is here to stay.

So this is the very First Video that they did back in November, My Nephew D is making his thing, Drawing!
I took my time to upload it because I am quite Busy But the Kids are very pump so Lets Rock!!!!!

We will Be Posting in Spanish so don't be offended if you see the same post in Spanish, is just we want to keep a 100% English Chanel and a 100% Spanish Chanel that is all, if you enjoy the Spanish Chanel upvote there, If you Like the English Chanel upvote there, or if you want to vote them in Both to support them is up to you, the kids want and they will share Steem this 2017 with family and friends so this guys want to go Big.

all the Best guys! and enjoy the pictures and the Videos and the crazy things that this guys do every day!

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