Steem Ruby: The Official Ruby Client for the Steem Blockchain

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Hello, I'm @inertia and I've been working in the SteemWorks group (first announced in Dev Portal Update #3) doing developer outreach at Steemit, Inc. Today, I'd like to talk about one of my projects: Steem Ruby (steem-ruby).

The purpose of Steem Ruby is to implement every method AppBase provides, so that developers who work in Ruby can do everything AppBase allows. In addition to this, Steem Ruby tests every method AppBase provides, which allows it to be a reference implementation for other clients that want to do the same.

Why Use Steem Ruby?

You should consider Steem Ruby if you need to:

  • Use json-rpc-batch to get multiple blocks at once.
  • Use multisig.
  • Experiment with AppBase methods.

Note: steem-ruby-0.9.1 uses AppBase API methods that are still under development and are subject to change.

If you'd like to take a look at this new gem or contribute to its development, the repository is on GitHub at:

Our goal is to provide developers with the best tools in crypto, which now includes Rubyists.

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Nice glad to see Steem coming to Ruby as well. Been using the python library mostly.

how did i barely find this page today?


Just a suggestion... you can follow @steemitdev to have their posts directly added to your feed. If you visit your feed regularly, you wont have delays in discovering the posts made by the team (steemitdev).

The technical details may be beyond ordinary users' understanding. But I'm sure Steemit users and STEEM owners are appreciative of efforts that seek to make this platform become even better over time.

Thank you very much for your efforts.


Thanks for adding it to SteemProjects!!

Wonderful dear!

Steem Ruby is good app for steem project. Thanks for your creative mind. It's help to all Cristo members.

Great work @inertia. Just sad that I'm not programming with Ruby.

But maybe @almostdigital can look into possible improvements for dsteem.


How is steem-ruby related to dsteem?

BTW: dsteem is awesome :)


They are both in the same genre of tools. They both allow application developers to access the blockchain. While steem-ruby is for ruby projects, dsteem is for JavaScript or Node.js projects.


You sound like you use dsteem?


Sounds like you use dsteem?

@steemitdev, I gave you an upvote on your post!

If you are interested in claiming free Byteballs ($10+), just for having a Steem account, please visit this post for instructions:

Very good dev-work, I hope to learn at some point at least one programming language and ruby might be one of them :-)

Great work. Will this work with RubyMotion as well?


It looks to me like the answer at the moment is no. The steem-ruby gem indirectly relies on the ffi gem. For this to work in RubyMotion, apparently the related C functions would need to be wrapped in an Objective-C class and statically link in.

i love ruby and it is great to know that there is a ruby interface for Steemit. appreciate the commitment

Ruby on steem versus others is not really a competitions as if you know other languages like Python, Java, Perl than you will find Ruby having all the good things from there and more is easier for novice starters, not only experienced ones.
Having this Ruby project on STEEMIT should build a community around it and help it grow together with the platform. Let me just start moving things also on my side and share the challenges as things progress.

i don't understand well about this ruby, where can i read about this? i want to know more of it


It's a programming language. Maybe #3 in popularity, on certain scales. If you're new to programming, ruby might be a good choice to get started. Here's my favorite guide for beginners:


Ruby Rankings 2017/2018

  • TIOBE -- 12th (up one position from 2017)
  • RedMonk -- 8th (down one position from 2017)
  • PYPL -- 11th (could not locate last year's data)
  • IEEE Spectrum -- 12th (2017 data)
  • Ben Frederickson's Ranking Programming Langues by GitHub Users (listed as language to "maybe avoid" learning in 2018)
  • @inertia -- (maybe 3rd)


I was just curious if I should once again think about not learning Ruby instead of not learning Python. In the end though I think your Ruby skills are boss, and everything you contribute to Steemit via Ruby dev is fantastic. You make a great case for that.


Yeah, ranking languages is a dangerous activity. Just saying it's third is overstating it. I'd have to qualify a bunch of things first, like, in a list of managed languages, where the developers are involved in startups ...


You are always kindness person, best regards friend @inertia !!

AppBase... just wondering how I can do the same thing my way. Steem-ruby... lol... great work.