Steemit : The Veil behind Trending Page.

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Ever wonder, how many posts got into Trending pages and make people to hold their dropping Jaws??.
Every now and then the Trending page on Steemit flash many new posts with heavy $ Dollor amount pulling up user to think of their posts too to appear on Trending someday. Authors having Posts with heavy payout and loads of upvotes become an icon overnight and many user started to follow them expecting to receive their love and grace or their support on their own posts.

However , with all the glamorous looks of Trending page the reality is different. The reality came with bitter truth which is use of BID-BOTS on their posts to make them Trending on Steemit.


There is a very common saying, "Behind every successful Men there is a Women"

but does that apply on Steemit.??

It would be no harm to say ,

Behind every successful Post there are Bid bots.

I have taken the screenshot from one of the posts on Trending page. The post is raking huge Mullahah in $ and have been a point of talk with many commentz.

Just thought of peeping behind the Voter Veil, i was amazed to see every single BOT been used to promote the posts . Look at the image, hardly there is Bid-Bot which is missing from the list. Those who have voted are the bigger bot owner on Steemit.

Once @berniesanders took on these flashy posts with #rewardpoolrape theme and later @grumpycat started to bite on users with heavy use of bid bot. But many authors remain safe and noone have the guts to raise finger on them.

Whales , Dolphin and Orca are just a name now. They are not in Game in anyhow. Bid-Bots are the only way to make things happening on Steemit, if you got a heavy wallet, you can use them to be on trending. Or earn huge bots votes. But beware if you keep following the trending authors, you only helping them increase their follower list , you not gonna receving anytjing in return.

The most important note, If you not like all the Glamour and Showoffs and also do not want to be in Trending , then just keep engaging yourself and build a strong community.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

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