Steem Seems To Stabilize Around $2.50 - 3.00 USD

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It seems like the worst is over and the market starts to stabilize itself, slowly moving towards higher valuations again. While Bitcoin crossed the $8,000 USD mark, Steem seems to stabilize around $2.50 - 3.00 USD after a longer period of moving below the line of $2 USD only.


Taking the current predictions of Bitcoins value into account at the end of 2018 this would mean a proportional rise of Steem to values around $10 USD. It'd only be a 300 - 400% rise after all, which wouldn't even bee to optimistic within the cryptospace.

Anyways a price around $10 USD doesn't even respect any new developments neither the launch of SMT's at all. So at least in my opinion it's more than just likely that steem might reach values far beyond that, probably nothing in the 3 digit area but a higher 2 digit one eventually.

There's no guarantee of course, especially not in crypto so please don't start to throw all your money blindly into steem ;) Always invest cautious and don't even try to take my opinion or anyone elses as investment advise!

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$10 would be amazing. I hope you picked up some steem when it was under $2.

I am sure that it 100% depends on bitcoin price and the market shows us that it will become higher :) I hope we will see 10$ in the end of 2018

I think it is good what you think :) 10$ is very possible.

In the first year there was a higher price 4.20$ one steem....

the second year was a higher price 8.20 $ one steem....

And I think this year we see it 15 or 16$ one steem.

This great.... I think so too been watching it. ... And I'm positive it would still rise. We are getting there gradually :)

Well like 2 months ago I though steem would be stable around 4$ and then it went below 2$...

But we should be patient and wait for anything to recover. The market shouldn't stay depressed for too long.