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RE: My Thoughts and Theory on Steem Price Sustainability

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It would be amazing to see that change to steem ocean!! It’s a really crucial thing to see! But will need maintenance! For example we bring money into other accounts than our own at times.

Absolutely need flexibility. Decentralized systems are not convenient due to their decentralised nature. That is s true down side. If we can solve that with the steem community, we can put ourselves head and shoulders above other block chains


Yes, being able to connect transactions to accounts in ways that aren't recorded on the blockchain currently is needed. The best solution to that would be to add extra tracking ability into the blockchain directly at the blockchain level so that there would be an extra value in the accounting that tracks who the instigator of a transaction is, in cases where it isn't obvious purely from the transaction data we currently record. It would be good to have an accounting systems expert to provide a tried and tested way of handling that. I have accounting systems experience, but I am no expert in them. I could come up with a solution anyway though, I'll get to it in January most likely.

I gave a talk at the weekend about decentralising the entire world and as part of that I quickly realised that distributed systems are hugely better than decentralised systems - but more challenging to create and refine. Whoever creates the next gen distributed network for these kinds of applications will be onto a huge evolution.

@cryptocreator is a finance expert and I’m sure has expert knowledge in these systems

@cryptocreator is a finance expert and I’m sure has expert knowledge in these systems