After 2 weeks of not going into the office I am nervous and anxious to go in tomorrow

in steem •  15 days ago

this time last year I was unaware that I could be making a decent amount of change on the steem blockchain

this time last year the price of steem had just flirted with $8 and spent a lot of time above $3... a few weeks later I started posting often and realized I was making some decent $$$ on here.... but since then the price of steem has collapsed and I am making even less now with over 10K steem power than I was last year with around 1.1K steem power... 

The best gift of all will be for steem price to go over $3 again so I can truly start making peoples days with a big upvote and start seeing some decent $$$ from steem again...

what do you think will take us up to over $3? let me know

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