Want to Earn More Rewards? Here's Something You Probably Aren't Doing!

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Another one of my STEEM Guides is out, this time we're talking about underused tactics you can apply to increase your share of the rewards.

Throughout my countless guides I've given you tons of tips on how to increase your payouts, but most of them were being used by those who know what they're doing.

However this time I'm going to focus on underused techniques nearly nobody uses and that you can apply to try to get a leg up and make them work for you.

If that's something you're interested in, read below...

Check the Amount of STEEM in the Reward Pool:

For starters, you should check what is the amount of STEEM in the reward pool.

Whenever there's more STEEM there, it's a good time to really get up and post.

For instances, I read @dragosroua's post and @taskmaster4450's post on the rewards pool being at an all time high.

Here's the post by Dragos

This is exactly what I'm talking about, some times are better to post than others, and the times in which the STEEM ecosystem appears to be sleeping are the best!

On the other hand, since he launched that post and good news spread fast, who knows if that will endure, as I expect more people to post now.

Better get to posting.

Check how many posts were published:

On the same note, check how many posts are being published lately and try to see if you're on a high or on a low.

If there are a lot of posts being published, the rewards will be less than if there aren't many posts seeing the light of day.

So this is the opposite side of the coin in relation to the last header.

So there are two techniques on the same thought:

  • Ensuring the Rewards to be distributed are high;
  • Ensuring the Number of posts to distribute the rewards to are low.

These two happening on the same time, like currently, are a good sign that now may be the time to post.

Invite Your Friends to the STEEM Blockchain, But Through Busy.org!

Finally, did you know that Busy.org now has a referral program that pays you to recruit people to the blockchain?

We all invited our friends to STEEM when we experienced our first successes here, or if you still didn't invite a person then you'll surely do soon.

On the other hand, we usually invited them directly to steemit.

Now you can invite them to busy.org instead, by sharing your referral link, and you'll get 10% of their rewards given to you as well for a whole month - 30 days!

Inspire them to write and to give it their best, help them and ensure they succeed, and you'll get some sidetokens from this as well.

Now you can get rewarded for sharing the good news.

Try These Tactics Out:

Finally, there are some commenting tactics that I urge you to try out.

I've used them myself and I can ensure they work, but to what extents depends on your commenting style.

I've tried all of them, but you should as well as different commenting styles will yield different results:

The first way to comment is the "normal" one. You go to a post, you comment adding value and you leave to your next one.

The second way to comment is the first technique - quantity.

You do the same, but raise your daily commenting averages - this one is the one I've been using and recommending people... it fits my style, and some people with a bit less ease on the writing side may enjoy the next technique better.

This new technique is the Comment Bomb Technique.

With this technique you locate a fresh post that will hit trending and comment on it, ensuring you leave the best comment you can... but then you keep coming back to it and you drop an equally great comment on EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that post gets.

This technique works as well and yielded me great results, and I can see it working better for those who don't feel like they can get enough comments done on the quantity side and would prefer a more local approach.

In Conclusion

Each new day is a new opportunity to get more followers, more rewards and therefore more tokens.

Tokens will empower your account, and you'll grow alongside them.

Using STEEM the smart way is as important as working on it the hard way, so bear this in mind.

Now go on and make your ruckus.

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yesterday i had my new record on SBD on one day. excellent. :)
now a Ned to work on my "Comment Bomb Technique"

Wow congrats man! That's great!!!

I've tried commenting on posts I knew were gonna end up in "trending" but I didn't think of coming back to the same post to leave more comments. It's really intelligent, so I'll try it.

Btw, I have a doubt. You advise to wait and see if there are a lot of posts being published or not and to post when there is a low flow of posts being published. But, how can I tel if there are "a lot" of posts being posted at a certain moment?

Well, it would be great to be able to analyze that... I certainly can't, I know if you're knowledgeable in these things you can "read" the blockchain to know that but I can't do it myself.

Thankies Rukka! I miss these posts. ♥ I've been applying on the comment bombs so it's pretty helpful aside from gaining more SBDs but new friends and followers as well.

Steem Supply Will definitely check on this! Aja!

Well, just stay clear of being branded as a spammer like last time :D

yeap! or else I would've definitely need to explain myself! Boom!

Thanks for another great set of tips, @spiritualmax. I am still going through your ‘old’ guides, and you sure have a lot of tricks up your sleeve ;0)
I wish I had known sooner about the affiliate program... But maybe it’s not too late. I might have an idea to still profit from it...

I use the ‘quantity’ comment technique all the time, maybe I can try to add the ‘comment bomb technique’ to my arsenal :0)

No problem for not knowing the affiliate link sooner, I published this on the same day or the day after it was launched :D

perhaps I will give the comment bomb technique a try... I have used something similar but not to the extent you suggest. I have gone back to the same post and conversed back and forth with a few commenters but not on all comments made...

Well, try it and let me know how it goes!

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How cool... this is good news.

I have trying to get to post every 12 hours so that I can take advantage of the busy upvote as well as get me a bigger piece of the reward pool granting that I don't get as high as you but I do well moderately.

Oh yeah commenting and commenting bomb on a great post can be very satisfying and actually could net you a very good profit when you upvote another good comment and someone with a bigger value upvote comes along and comments there as well you get a bigger value to your vote there as a reward.

Im at 20-25 average comment and aiming to get 30-35 in. Don't know if I can manage 50 unless I give up working and going on on dates lol.

Yeap, I'm doing miserably on comments as well, but I'm kinda... well, I'll be honest I've been playing this new mod on free time and waiting for HF20 to come out xD

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing such great tips. I have already read the post of @dragosroua about the reward pool and I must admit I'm amazed. The reward pool this time is huge and it's best to keep posting to increase the SP.

Indeed man, get to posting and collect those rewards :D

Another great guide by @spiritualmax.
Did I mention I read your entire guide compilation. From #01-#26.

My life on steemit wouldn't be as without the knowledge I gained from them.

The comment bomb technique sounds interesting. I was thinking of something similar a couple days ago.

It's actually a technique I used to keep my posts alive on a forum I posted on before I joined steemit.

Wow... that means a lot! I'm glad you liked it and my guides. I hope to keep on delivering man!

Stay cool! Try it :)

I will.
I won 0.200 SBD in a contest recently, where I placed 5th on the log. It was contest where participants had to drop quality comments relating to a given topic.

There were close to 400 comments at post payout.
Imagine how much I would have made if I had "comment bombed" the post.

You'll never know :P

I guess I'll find out.
The contest is on again and I'm applying the tips.

I'll see how it works out by the end of the week.

I think the comment should reveal my vision and my sincere feelings after reading the article.

You think well ;)

Never thought to check when to post. I usually just post whenever I can. Great tips @spiritualmax and some that I can definitely use.

I peeked at busy.org, when I got there I got confused at how the whole thing works. I needed to make a new name as the one I have here is already taken. So I did not proceed, thinking that now isn't the right time, and when I finally understand it, that will be the right time lol. I don't want to go in blindly.

You don't sign up there, you just log in... your name is already taken by you, because it is still STEEM.

Clearly there is some balance to be found through the info in these great tips - between the reward pool and posting stats.

I kinda feel like people would see the second comment tip as almost spamming, even if the comments vary, so I am a little wary to try something like this - but motivation to try new techniques until one feels both comfortable and shows success is always a good thing. :)

You mean quantity commenting? Not spam at all, I once had an average of 100 comments per day. Not spammy at all, I just spent like 5 hours doing it.

Wow, that is dedication of input.

I've found that lately I haven't been very inspired to comment much, but hopefully that is just a pendulum-swing thing. But it does mean I would find it a hard slog to produce a good quantity of comments, I think. Or it is simply my introverted nature, lol.

couldnt agree with you more on this post. quite informative and excellent also for new members tags. the referal link for busy.org is a good option to refer folks here and earn from it too. more so we should also open up more on issues related to trending spam here of which i updated on. lets keep in touch

Sure thing! I'll see you around then! :D

Sure and also check out my last two posts on spam issues. Let's unite against spam in steemit 💪

I agree with your points @spiritualmax. Commenting in a day raised my reputation level from 25 to 30 when some whales upvoted my comment. I am committed to 100 quality comments everyday now. Thanks.

You do well man, that's great!
Keep on working ;)

That comment bomb technique is pure genius.

How do you manage to retain your authenticity throughout the comments? I'm assuming you just do this on a post that you have a genuine interest in and you can consistently add further value to each comment?

Also, have you ever had any problems with the author of the post because of this? It's something I'm interested in but I don't want to come across as a lurch in someones comments section.

Also, what happened... I thought you made a post saying you were going to stop using BOT's for rewards?

For one week, to test it out in terms of rewards, followers and engagement.

I then wrote a post analyzing all of this and it showed that not using bots decreases your sp growth rate, follower groth, visibility, engagement and rewards.

So all in all I was handicapping myself in ALL sectors, hence I went back to bots the following week. In Rome, be Roman.

I should have referred back to that post for the facts, my bad.

There is a definite benefit there. I'm seeing a mixture of people shooting off ahead of myself, in terms of growth with followers, payouts etc and I can only put it down to more money spent on BOT's.

Very true, there is a game to be played, be Roman. Although it's tempting, I will still be staying true to myself and using the minimal 'ethical' route and looking after my morals. I think the psychological aspect of it is important moving forward.

I would also do that if I believed STEEM to be a long term project, trusting that I can cash out in 4-5 years would change the way I operate.

Nothing new! As there was good money and never will :)

I either pick a post that interests me or an author that interests me even if the post doesn't.... I confess, sometimes I dont even like the post that much, but I'm trying to get that person's attention for something.

I have a couple of friends who signed up for Steemit at least a month ago.

  • If they sign up through busy, will that be a problem?

TIA for your help @spiritualmax
Oh yeah, thanks for the post!!!

Well, since they already have an account it will ask them to connect it... not sure if it will work this way, but invite them through busy in the future.

They signed up but never got the email to finish it.

  • They have no accounts...
    • How do signups get lost at Steemit?
      • Since they don't have an account, I'm guessing they could try again through busy?
  • If busy is able to get people an account, why can't Steemit?

This is all very confusing...


Unfortunately sign ups are approved manually by like 1 person. It takes lots of times to be approved some times, and some times they don't even approve people.

It's one of the blockchain's core problems.

Well this was awesome! Holy shit... I didn't know any of this and now will go try all of it! haha I didn't know that a reward pool even existed! haha (I am very new to this whole thing)

Thank you for the tips! :)

Well, you should look everything up, it pays to understand where you are!

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What you have written has given me more knowledge about steemit.

Commeting post is the basic sharing in here :)

Awesome post! I like it :) 👍
You got an upvote!
For more upvotes follow this account 👊🏼

Love ya post and will testing out from of the ideas you outline in it and see if it will help me earn more vote and earn more steem... re-steemed