Get paid for writing articles about STEEM [SteemCenter]

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Despite my efforts at re-steeming, I don't think many people have seen the great work of @wagnertamanaha who runs @steemcenterwiki - an account which gives away rewards to those who contribute to the STEEM.CENTER wiki

Many months ago, I launched STEEM.CENTER in hopes of solving the knowledge crisis in Steemit, where only the few elite knew everything, and everything was scattered far and wide across thousands of outdated STEEM posts.

The reality? Not much has improved. Just over a month ago, @wagnertamanaha decided to create a program where people are paid for their contributions to the WIKI, centralizing our knowledge, keeping it up to date, contributed to by multiple people.

Some of STEEM.CENTER's articles:

I strongly recommend you check out the posts at and join in on contributing where you can. It helps STEEM, and it's guaranteed income for you too.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It's nice to see something like this being developed, especially if it is kept current. As a relative newbie here, I have found it confusing to wade through lots of published articles... only to discover that the information offered is now out-of-date.

hello @someguy123

The creation of @steemcenterwiki is thoughtful development. What you said is very true the little information we have about steemit is scattered all over the place.

Thanks to you and @wagnertamanaha for this innovative account.

Upvoted and followed.


Thank you and good luck for us all!

Thank you very much and let's make in the center of all things steem!

Great! How do i know what topic to write about? Who is the contact person? is it @wagnertamanaha ? Thanks for posting this. I had no idea.


Anything is welcome :) - anything you personally had issues with, or someone you know had issues with, is a good idea to put on there.

@wagnertamanaha might have some ideas.

There is a page on the wiki, Articles for Creation which has a few ideas of pages to create.


ok great. I have not seen anything about this nor heard of wagner before. Thanks


Nice to meet you! I know I owe a #introduceyourself post but I promise not being so shy and publish it this year :-)


shyness may have its own rewards.


Hi! As @someguy123 said you can create a wiki page about anything related to Steem and Steemit. I added more suggestions in the Articles for Creation page, including less technical themes like founders' short bio, Steemians, Steemfest, etc. Why not a wiki article about Steem Gnome adventures? :-) Thanks for your interest and I hope you have fun joining @steemcenterwiki project too!


yes! how exciting. I'll start writing tomorrow! Today was filled with 12 hours of video creations....

This is a very good idea, in particular for new users to get information from one unique place.

It might be worth asking @timcliff if he can add this to the welcome page links.

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Great Idea!
I've added this to the @steemittalk podcast agenda to be discussed on this Saturday's recording!

I'm doing this today and signing up at Steem Center. Thanks again.

Wow! This is friggin awesome!