Well color me pink...

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A mutiny took place, 
The new ship was launched, 
some of the crew that worked on the new ship tried to stay back, 
and they walked the plank.... 

Not sure what the future holds, but I love this drama playing out in front of my eyes.

I've been pretty critical of some of JSun's actions in the past, most of them kneejerk and not caring to be mindful of my emotional intelligence (that doesn't make for "popular" posts these days amirite? #BringTheBad). But I do like this scene that's playing out where the original whiney asshats (thats the OLDsteem witnesses inbulk) are now in a situation where they have removed a users funds, and its now happening to them on steem chain. Call the fork (hive) what you will, it was a powerplay that didn't go as intended and still not making "progress" by the standards that need to be met for minimal inclusion of investors. Its like that one scene in the bad movie where the B team is convinced they can outplay the A team.... it looks good at first, but the slightest scratch on the surface and the hotair balloon pops. We may be quite a ways out, but the skinsuit of that wolf will shed one day.

Glad to see STEEM back on top, but this whole stink still has left a bad taste in my mouth, for both steem and hive.... I'll continue to use both, and possibly do some arbitrage across both platforms with steem/hive-engine,.. but the glamour was worn off and now I'm looking at a rust bucket full of Nostalgia... one that may sit out in the yard with me just occasionally looking at it with love, but mostly of wasted years.

TLDR; Looks like steem(it) is finally figuring itself out,... lots of llama drama was at play, but it seems things may be equaling out with hive losing this round.

p.s. these are the wild west days, there will be people stealing your wallets..... but how do you protect against that in a world like steem, where you never really control your wallet to begin with.

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