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RE: Today I submitted my Resignation to Steemit, inc

in #steem7 years ago

I wish you the best in wherever life takes you.


Stop telling him what to do with his steem power

Stop telling him what he can say from his own account.

Imagine it with 216 nesting limit

Don't tell people what to do!.. danm.....i did it again...why is communicating so dang hard! Damn you STEEM!

That is free market and liberty at its best. @pfunk's MC Hammer only makes it better.

Stop telling me what I can say from my own account.

out of curiosity - why you flagged this post of Dan?

  1. It is consistent with my overall current practice of downvoting strong whale votes (in this case I believe his own, but I didn't look carefully). When I did so it hadn't yet been downvoted by others, so my downvote was merely a reduction of the rewards generated by the whale voting in combination with the extreme superlinear reward curve.

  2. I don't believe an "I quit!" post is adding value.

I have to admit. I powered up this account to specifically be an annoyance to you and your downvotes. Then an annoying bug mushed me and I had to be a bigger bug in order to speak.

You have won me over. People are getting bigger rewards from smaller fish.

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