My coffee corner and Steemit logo latte art tryings.

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I know what a lot of Steemit people like coffee and in passionate on it.

Today I decide try to make some latte art with Steemit logo on the cappuccino foam.
I was think what: Ha! what can be easy, just 3 curved lines, it's simple!
But you will see how deep I was wrong! :)

So I want show you a few results, lets go! :)

This is my coffe corner

Start the process!

StartedNice flow

Dye what I was bought was not blue, sorry for it.

And I start trying :)

First Try :)Second Try
Third TryFourth Try

After four cup I was change the method and somethig begin to turn out well:

Finaly I decide make some template and make a logo by another way :)

This was really hard because I was made all alone and for good accuracy I need a third hand :)

Next experiments I plan to make with some friends.

But the way!
Steamers how live or now visit Minsk, you are welcome to share cup of Steemit coffee in my house :)

Chocolade powder
Chocolade powder

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nice i love cofe too !

Nice setup. I'm kind of jealous.

:blush: I go to this machine a few years :) and same time I'm learning how to brew a good coffee

Looks delicious! Please get the coffee off of your thinkpad, though, you're gonna give me a heart attack!

Don't worry, I use thinkpad just for few shoots :)

mmm.. yummy yummy!

Some sugar? :)

yeap :P

хороший кофе-это очень круто,я в как-то пил в кофейне в Варшаве cofe big stronge- впечатления от него на всю жизнь!)))