The hidden power inside yourself: How to achieve your goals by Visualization

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Everyone of you is special. Everyone is a winner. 

But someone told you that you’re a loser, and you believed it.  But I’m telling you now that everyone has something special inside yourself, you just didn’t find it yet because you’re too busy working or simply didn’t get the information. 

So that’s why I think it’s important to share this Information – information that other people can benefit from, to improve their health and lifestyle.   

Let me tell you this story about my friend Michael, who told me he wanted to lose weight and start working out properly. He said “I’m not happy with my body, and I’m really gonna start working out to the fullest now”.  So I told him, great dude, do it. Best of luck. 2 weeks later I asked him, so how is it going with your fitness routine? His answer was: “I don’t have the time to work out that much.. I work everyday, and when I get home from work I’m always so tired. Also, the gym is too far away, I just can’t make enough time for working out.” So what I noticed from his response, is that he was only looking for excuses!  He was looking for a way to find an excuse for himself, to trick his mind into thinking he really couldn’t do it and not have a guilty conscience. 

Many people wish for something, but don’t want to pay the price to achieve it. So they say that the want it – but wouldn’t they do anything for it if they’d REALLY want it? So if you want something, it’s hard to stick with it and work for it, I get it. What you need to do is SEE it. Visualize it.  

  You need to feel the happiness and positive emotions of that moment when you’ve achieved your goal. Visualize the scene, feel the excitement, and then you’ll feel the motivation as well.   

We have an organ in our human bodies, which is currently frozen – fossilized, you could say. It’s our pineal gland, a small gland inside our brain. 

In most humans nowadays, the pineal gland is blocked from calcification, which is stopping our inner abilities and intuition. This blocking of the pineal gland, purposely, has been done since the early years of our history. This video will talk about it in more detail:

Think about it this way: You’re driving a car, but you have a canvas covering your front shield. Can you drive fast, safely or efficiently? I don’t think so. You would most likely cause an accident. And you’re complaining because you’re going slow, but you continue driving anyway. Maybe you’re going in the wrong direction – you can’t see.  That’s how you’re currently living, you are constantly driving, but our pineal gland isn’t opened yet. You can’t see your ideas and visions.  They are blocked by the canvas (= the calcification).

To have a clear view, you need to remove it. That way you can drive faster = think faster !

 So to come back to our Fitness example: 

First you should think about working out, think about the reasons why you would do it and how it would have a positive outcome. You decide for yourself: I’m going to start working out. 

Now the next step is visualizing it: Close your eyes and imagine what your body will look like after you achieved your goal. Imagine everything, how toned your muscles are, and how healthy you look. Now think about how good you’ll feel, how proud you’ll be of yourself, and the feeling when others notice your change and congratulate you. You will think about how it was worth it to go through all this training.  

  And after you’ve visualized all of this, you’ve SEEN it, you have found your drive. Now you are motivated to actually start. The canvas on your wind shield is slightly blowing away a little, revealing the window.  

Next, you say it aloud, you talk with your friends about it. And then you write your goal down. You write it down and plan how exactly you’ll do it. For example, you could look for a Training plan or research diets. 

And then the last step is simply to do it, because you want to fit into that vision. You can’t fit into the pattern just yet, but you will. 

The pineal gland is like your inner eye. How are you supposed to do something, if you haven’t even been able to see it? How are you supposed to watch a movie in the cinema without a beamer?   

  “The Pineal Gland is vital for physical, mental and spiritual health, while also being a gateway to higher consciousness. It is an endocrine gland sitting alone in the brain, level with our eyes. The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our daily and seasonal circadian rhythms. Melatonin is the chemical in charge of our sleep cycles and the quality of our sleep, and it also regulates the onset of puberty. Melatonin is responsible for fighting against free radicals. A decline in melatonin triggers the ageing process in the body. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter or happy chemical responsible for our mood, is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. The pineal plays a major role in hibernation of animals, in metabolism and seasonal breeding.“  

 To decalcify your pineal gland and open it up more, first of all you should stop eating fluoride, which is contained in regular toothpaste and also in tap water.  There are fluoride-free toothpastes on the market, and alkaline water with a pH level of 8 or above is best to drink. Filtered tap water is also alright, but not as good as alkaline water. 

You can read more about this topic here if you're interested.

Especially for everyone who has chilldren: please cook only with filtered tap water for your kids and only use fluoride free toothpaste, as their pineal glands are still intact and not calcified yet. 

Here are 2 examples of children who have fully developed their pineal gland:

To help you detoxify your pineal gland, I also recommend taking Boron, which is anti-inflammatory and helps decalcify your body.  

  (I’m not affiliated with this product, I don’t have any benefits from posting this specific one but it’s simply the supplement that I take, and I just want to recommend it to you).  

  When activating your pineal gland, it will make the process of visualizing and SEEEING things easier for you. You'll find solutions easier if your pineal gland is healthy and intact, and then you can awaken the skills that are inside you and that have been taken from most people.       

So in conclusion, these are the 4 steps on how to achieve your goal:

  1. think about it (your desires and wishes) 
  2. visualize it (as vividly as possible – imagine how you’d feel when you made it etc)  
  3. talk about it, write it down, plan it (the more detailed the plan, the more secure the way to the goal!) 
  4. Do it, and complete it (you need to stick with it continuously! Don't ask yourself if you're in the mood for it, ask yourself if it's possible!)

  The last, very important topic I want to mention is meditation.

 If you leave a PC running, it will get slower and slower the longer it runs. And at some point, it will crash or stop. Everyone knows that you should restart or turn off your PC once in a while. 

Well, Humans don’t do that. They live and live, but they need to meditate in order to reset their mind and body, sleeping is not enough.  They’ve forgotten about it. Meditation is a part of life. 

I can do another separate post on the whole topic of mediation since there is a lot to cover, but I think this was enough information for today.  

 If you have any questions or need any help/recommendations regarding this topic, let me know and I’ll be happy to help out.  

 Until then, much peace, love and Harmony   

Tony Winchester  


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Keep it coming

A very powerful and positively filling creative post! Thank you, namaste :)

thank you so much eric, hope I could inspire you. namaste.

Your health information in this post is spot on (i.e. fluoride and boron). As a matter of fact, your observations about visualization and meditation is appropriate for everyone. Your way of attacking life is something that everyone should aspire to. Bravo also for looking out for others. I can feel the positive nature of your post. It should inspire others. Keep the posts coming!

Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words. I'm happy to hear that you share my same views about health. Really appreciate your comment. I'll definitely post more about meditation, spirituality & health in the future !

I'm glad your post has gotten somewhat popular. I believe your topic is one of the most important unknown to man. Are you familiar with Neville Goddard?

Also, I would like to hear your thoughts on meditation..

Yes, I was thinking exactly the same. The underlying message in this post lines up really good with the benefits of meditating!

Hey man thanks for your tip, I'm currently watching youtube documentations about Neville Goddard (didn'T know him before), so thanks a lot I appreciate it. There's nothing better than getting new information!

And yes, I will post another article about my meditation story / views / techniques :)

Nice, after you learn about neville check this guy out. He talks about his testimonial from like 40 years ago when he first found out about neville. I think you'll like his story. I wish I could find more stuff about what he learned as an initial doubter.

excellent video

wow, mind blowing post.. where did you get all this info from? That's a really smart 4-way strategy and I want to test it right away! thanks for motivating me!!

thank you! I read a lot, and taught myself most of this by researching in books and the internet. I also learned a lot on my travels.

Thanks a lot for this brother! I used to weight 265lbs and that used to be my everyday excuse "not enough time" but one day I said to myself "you want to progress or you want to keep burying your own grave?" I love life itself and everything that's tied to living so I decided to make a change for better and now I have lost more than 60 lbs!

Greetings! @sirwinchester


I never knew that fluoride was so bad.. very interesting, I'll research fluoride-free toothpaste now! And they're telling us that it's actually good for our health -.-

Yes, sadly it's the truth and no one knows about it. But by taking Boron and prevent eating any more fluoride, your pineal gland will recover slowly !

Curcumin is good, too
(For getting fluoride out)

News to me too. No wonder the Government cough Illuminati are so busy forcing it on us.

awwwww such a cute pic at the end :O

thanks, that's my niece :)

looking forward to your post about meditation, I'm currently really getting into and and would love some explanation from you!

Thanks for your feedback, I'll prepare a separate post about meditation soon!!

You should take Omega 3 and Kurkuma as well if you're concerned about your health. Boron (/Borax) works great too, I use the same one.

Yes I take Omega 3 daily and also eat a lot of fish, and Kurkuma concentrate as well, thanks for your suggestions !!

are there other hidden things inside our body that need to be activated first??

I'm sure there are many other secrets of the human body that no one talks about!

Maybe related but more on the zen side, this post remembers me of this:

swamiji, I love this guy, recommend his speeches to everyone. very fascinating personality

thats basically what non-dualism is about... the releasing of the mind so that everything else can happen. the original post about LOA visualization is crap. but you need certain spiritual level to see that. you need the satori basically like this guru says

@sirwinchester i know you have good intentions but you are leading people down the wrong path , is can be boiled down to WISH IT , WANT IT , DO IT Brian griffin family guy , 2nd your article is just a brief summary of the book called the secret. Which is nothing more the new age propaganda to make people the perfect slave. You are at your last stage of mental enslavement i really hope that you all take the time and read what i'm about to say and watch the video i'm about to post.

The worst thing you can do is write down(vision board) what you want, because then you bring it down to a consciousness level instead of the subconsciousness level where the real power it at. If you want to use a vision board just swap it with a sigil , a sigil is way to reprogram you subconsciousness but it has to be done right. the other two ways are magic mushrooms and self hypnosis . Magic mushrooms leave you in a highly suggestible state where you can talk actually yourself into changing and self hypnosis will just re-write the programing to favor you.

Opening your third eye is fantastic however it doesn't do anything if you don't use sheer will and action to bring it existence. If all you want to do is daydream it will enslave you.

2nd all you said was change your toothbrush which will do you no good at all when you drinking hundreds of gallons of fluoride in the water. Go and buy a water filter that removes fluoride from the water and boiling it will only increase the fluoride so don't do that.

Rather than recommending one ingredient boron which barely does anything for you , you should recommend one that has all the nutrition you need in one supplement this is called mighty 90 by Dr wallach and yes it has more boron that your product.

please read my all of my article & watch everything from mark passio about natural law and how to burn fat for more details about how to apply the REAL LAW OF ATTRACTION.

I know this is an old comment, but I actually did a video on this myself.

I personally do self-hypnosis, as the pan cyans mushrooms I have ample access to do not affect me for some reason (apparently I'm immune to psylocybin :( ).

I also suggest cutting grains from your diet as they are terrible for you (which is why they are the staple of every meal according to the twisted "food pyramid").

Lastly, fasting and intermittent fasting. Water fast for 3 days to reset your immune system, among other things. Then, eat only twice a day; breakfast and dinner, so that you aren't always full. Oh, and drink loads of water (with no fluoride of course).

Diet is where it all begins.

Following you @ultramari0 and @sirwinchester :)

Well, there are many methods that can help someone improve, some may help you, others might not be for you. and of course everything can be done better. I'm still a student myself, but I'm trying to share the information and help others with what has helped me before. This is just a suggestion based on my experience, of course you should read more about this and always do skeptical research. I wouldn't say this is the wrong path, maybe it's simply not your path, but somebody else's.
The reason for posting this was only to help people. Of course not everyone will share this opinion, and that's alright because everybody decides for themselves.
Thank you for your post and the links, the more information the better, I'll read through it!

I don't have to read more about it i lived it for 10 years in know my first hand this is the wrong path , much like you it seemed like things were going my way at first because as i said this is a watered down version of the truth so of course you will get some results . my version is your version on steroids 4 lack of a better expression. Thank you for saying that you will watch mark passio's video & i promise you if you do watch it you will see more clearly what i'm trying to tell you . please watch the video

@sirwinchesterI don't have to do more research i lived this way for about 10 yrs, and much like you i got some results because is a said this is a watered down version of the truth. my way is like your way but on steroids for a lack of better expression. Please watch the video and you will see what i see.

And I hope that with your technique and knowledge, you went your way and you're happy. That's very good for you. But you shouldn't say that you have done enough research - you can never stop learning enough. we are born as students and die as students. Namaste

I meant i'm done researching the new age propaganda not that i'm researching all together , I have dedicated my life to the truth above all else @ i hope you will join me. and yes now that i'm rid of my last forms of mind control i'm actually happy with myself.

I agree, I'm also on the endless quest searching for the truth. i will join you because we actually have the same path. happy that you have found your happiness. thanks for the video and info

Recommending that people visualize success is great. I agree that it's a powerful motivational tool. But this article is conspiracy theory propaganda dressed up as a self help article and it's extremely irresponsible.

The idea that fluoride in drinking water does damage to your brain is a conspiracy theory that has already been debunked. See:

There is a reason why the only articles online that argue against fluoride are written by amateurs for extremely questionable conspiracy theory "news" outlets. If we consult the scientific community, there is a consensus that fluoride in drinking water is safe.

Please, everyone, do your research before wasting money on boron to get your "third eye" back.

If you searched specifically for an article against fluoride in water, obviously you'll find it. If you search for something on google, you find it. ;)
I'm not talking about a theory, I'm talking about my own experience. What I feel/see/experience myself is true for me. But if you only read an article and believe it because there they say the statement has been disproved, then you're the one who is naive.
And just for your information, Boron only costs 12€. I want to share information and help people, and not make people waste their € 12 ;) But there are also free ways to decalcify your pineal gland, which I mentioned above.

Congratulations, is a great post!

Do you like it?:

thanks :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

@sirwinchester I have to admit, there is definitely more to the human race than we understand and slowly I am starting to see it. It took me a long time to be able to kind of "step back" and change my perspective on the world. I found myself depressed having to work all the time. Like your weight lifting friend example, I was chasing a dream of making money online. Work was stressful so I would come home and smoke weed, which killed my motivation but seemingly relieved my stress. I felt like I was in this catch 22 cycle, I couldn't stop smoking because it seemed to help, but smoking killed my motivation to come home and work on the computer to try to free myself from employment.

It took me getting to a pretty low depression before I made a change. I had been able to make 300$ in one month online while still working 55 hour weeks for 11$ an hour. I knew that if I had quit my job I would have much more time to work, and much more time with family, and much less stress in my life.

Last year April 1st is when I quit my job. They told me if I had gotten all of my soldering certifications they would increase me from 11/hour to 13/hour. After I received all my certs, I had my review for a raise. They told me that since I had only been employed for 11 months I got a prorated raise. They gave me a raise of 22 cents instead of 2 dollars. This is where I realized that I don't want to be in a situation where someone else can do things like this and I have no power. As a human, I hate when I feel vulnerable and powerless, which honestly isn't very often but today was one of those days.

I made the leap of faith and although I don't make a ton of money I couldn't be happier with my decision to become self employed through blogging. It allowed me to drive my daughter to school and pick her up everyday. I didn't burn 2 gallons of gas everyday going to and from work, so earth wins and my wallet wins there. And I didn't have to ask to go on vacation anymore, I can work where I want and how I want. It's a beautiful thing and I hope to share my knowledge with others and give them the ability to do this.

Now I know it seems like I am off topic, but what I am getting at is that my perspective slowly started to change after I started being self employed. Part of my "plan" was to also live healthier. So I started drinking lemon water, which makes it more alkaline, although it does nothing regarding the heavy metals and fluoride found in my city tap water. I also had started reading about ascension, clairvoyance, monks, greater knowledge, space and aliens, and any other spirit science type stuff. It was just very odd to me because as I read and learned certain things it was almost like a deja vu thing. I kind of felt like some of it was information that I had already know but it was kind of "browned out". I believe what I am talking about may have been a result of my decalcification process starting.

I wondered for so long what it was that was changing inside. I am not a religious person, but since becoming self employed I have found myself to be very spiritual.

I ran into what outsiders would probably deem "laziness" if you were on the outside looking in at me. It would appear as if I were lazy. I have knowledge of how to make money marketing online. But I find myself in a situation where although I believe it is great to have money I still find that I have a love hate relationship with it.

I often feel that others aren't really thinking as they go on with their day. Much like you said, people don't seem to being seeing much more than what's put right in front of their face. I like to converse with others about these "non mainstream" topics and I often have people thinking I am just paranoid or that I just have too much time on my hands. People seem to think that it's some sort of new religious belief that I have, but the feelings that I am talking about are inside of every human being.

I think it's clear that in a capitalistic society if someone finds a way to get an advantage over others, they will. Some people will go to different lengths to gain this advantage. Someone might go as far as killing someone to gain an "advantage" or in another example someone might be willing to get a higher education and go 40k$ in debt to gain an educational advantage to gain the monetary advantage later on. I believe somewhere along the way someone figured out how to dumb down the population by the calcification of our pineal glands, so only a certain group of people can have the advantage. This along with many other social and economic factors that they manipulate has created the illusion of a free world that we live in. We live here with a bunch of people convinced that they have to get up and go to work everyday because "it's just what we do."

Lol what a ridiculously long reply, sorry about that. Thank you for your post, I feel like I needed to read this!

One of the most beautiful parts of STEEMIT is that it will wake more people up to the possibilities with the internet! You don't need technical skills to be successful online. You just find your passion and what you are good at and you educate yourself on how to monetize it! You can learn nearly anything and become anything you truly wish to become!

First of all, thank you for taking your time to write this long post. And yes, I do read all the comments because I respect everybody - like I expect others to do the same! I really appreciate your effort.

It's simple: if you're working for someone else, you're working for their dream. The concept of work has been created for people who don't have a vision. Of course, there are always some people who have to work regular Jobs, otherwise our system wouldn't work. And if you love your work, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for those people who go to work everyday feeling depressed, who only think about getting back home from work: it makes them sick. This daily burden will affect your mind and body and make you sick slowly but surely.
And it's not always bad to follow someone, if you are following someone wise or experienced and learn from them, that's great. But blindly working for someone else who doesn't have the same goal or doesn't bring you closer to your goal, is not what you want.

I'm happy to hear that you have found your own way, and you started your spiritual journey. This is something that the government/media/society has tried to hide because of the potential power you can gain from it, but it's natural and it's inside of us. You only have to awaken it.
I can recommend you a very interesting book: "Eastern Body, Western Mind" by Anodea Judith. It gives great insights about psychology, the chakra system, and how you can use it to your advantage to achieve your goals.

Anyway, thanks again for your great comment, very happy to find likeminded people here. I'm wishing you all the best for your future path and your family, and I'm sure you'll make it as your own boss. just stay motivated.

@sirwinchester I appreciate you taking the time to reply! I think you are spot on in your reply. Particularly the "This is something that the government/media/society has tried to hide because of the potential power you can gain from it" part. People often think I'm crazy or something when I try to educate them on what I have found. I always come back to the analogy "you can lead a horse to water but you can't force them to drink." That is often how I feel in this world. I have faith that my path will only get brighter. My priorities and thoughts have changed quite drastically in the last 24 months and I look forward to my future with my family!

Something I struggled with was a sense of purpose. I felt like what I was doing was insignificant, and some days I still feel that way because I am not yet where I envision myself being. But with hard work and dedication I believe I will achieve what I set out to do, and hopefully influence the world in my own positive way. Cheers friend and best of luck on your journey!

This article is the biggest load of utter bollocks I've read in some time. There's been countless studies done by the scientific community on the pineal gland, it's part of the endocrine system used for hormone regulation and distribution, it produces melatonin which is responsible for regulating sleep, amongst other things, it is NOT mystical conduit to a world of ethereal unicorns, if you want to change your behaviour, use NLP or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Utter utter horseshit. Psuedoscience in action.

use this power when I'm drunk ... always wake up on a bench :)

same problem here :D

It's hard to believe that girl didn't "see" the things.
Anyway, I use sexual sublimation techniques to access a deeper insight into life and to provide direction. Thanks for your post.

I just researched sexual sublimation but I don't know much about it yet - I'd love to read a post from you about it, or maybe you can send me some links / more info about it.

Thank you, love uplifting methods for improving ourselves. We are the power!

very inspiring bro!

Boron huh? Didn't know that. Will have to try. Thanks


Excellent stuff! Not only did I upvote. I bookmarked this.

thanks I appreciate that! There'll be more tips like these coming so stay tuned, I'm trying my best to post everyday :)

Excellent post. It is nice to see some quality work posted on here rather than the other stuff that has been trending.

I do believe all humans have more ability than we want to give ourselves credit for, but it is just a matter of how we tap into it and sadly I think the first step is stepping away from all of the technology in which is offered to us.

thank you, and you're exactly right, there's much more to the human existence and human brain than we know (or use!)

Thanks for the post, I learned a lot and need to start focusing on improving myself , my happiness and then growing others.

namaste fellow meta-physicist i love this post. this is exactly what we need more enlightened posts :)
love and light.

yes definitely, I thought so too! There's great content on steemit already but in terms of health/spirituality, there's still lots of room for improvement. I'm trying my best to post everyday and write more about things like this, so stay tuned

nice article, i always wanted to be capable to move thinks or any stuff like that :)

Like the late great Bill Hicks said, "Squeegee your third fucking eye!" The pineal gland is your 3rd eye, your inner light. Great post!

yes you're right, sadly only few people know about it nowadays! That's why I try to inform as many as possible, and change that ;)

This is great man, keep up the good work!

love this kind of lecture, thanks 8]

Good Vibes. Namaste

If you leave a PC running, it will get slower and slower the longer it runs. And at some point, it will crash or stop.

False. That only occurs in Window OS machine. I run Linux, and it's been running for 90 days straight. I had to restart because of the kernel update. I know there are linux servers that been running for 1,000+ days.

Cant wait for your meditation article! Good vibes brother, namaste.

I'm really glad I found this article. I didn't know about Boron and its positive effects. I guess you live and learn :D

I've been thinking heavily today, mildly depressed because of people telling me I need to be "real" or whatever it is to give up on my dream. I will be free of debt slavery, make more outside of a 9 to 5 doing what I love. I try to tell coworkers a that anyone one can do it. It's amazing, they don't believe me and start naming off many reasons why I shouldn't try. I was feeling worn down a little. Thank you for your post, I can handle it again and keep pushing forward now. Well, off to work while visualizing my dream of not having to go to work.

  • If someone is giving someone else hate without any reason, it actually means "I'm not satisfied with myself".
  • If someone says "you'll never make it, give up on your dream", it means that he didn't SEE your vision. He didn't invest the time to think about it and imagine it. And most likely, he failed on his own dream, which is why he now discourages everybody else.

If you SAW that you can change your life, you had your vision but nobody else understands you or sees your vision,it doesn't matter. you saw it and that's enough.
Whatever you think about, it will happen. If you're thinking "I'm feeling sick, I can't handle this, my life is getting out of control", then you won't make it.
But if you think to yourself "I'm gonna make it. I will do my best everyday, in every thing I do." then you'll make it. If you happen to lose when thinking this way, then you know you did your best and can be proud of yourself. You only feel guilt when you know you could've done better, but didn't.

If your co-workers, who (probably) have achieved not much in life apart from having this job, you can't take their advice. Actually, you shouldn't let their words influence you at all.
If a football player from an amateur club gives you advice on how to shoot a ball, you probably shouldn't give his word too much power.
But if Ronaldo tells you how to shoot a penalty, wouldn't you listen to his advice? Probably yes.
So don't listen to people talking about something they haven't even experienced / tried themselves.
If your coworkers have built their own dreams, accomplished their goals, gained financial freedom etc, THEN you can listen to what they have to say. but for now, don't let that tear you down.

I'm wishing you all your best for your journey, and hoping you can quit your job, achieve your goals, follow your own path and live a much happier life.

Just got home from work. I swear, the internet and being able to communicate with other like minded people outside our circles is going to save us all. Today I got the "normal", "the normal thing" speech...Anyways, wow, thank you for having so much to say. Your absolutely right of course. There projecting what they think of themselves.
This Steemit thing is so awesome, we can help and vote to repay.

This post gave me chills down my spine and made me reconsider my PowerDown. Thank you. In the universe, we trust.

I appreciate your kind comment. People like you are the ones I write for.
As many people as possible should read this post, and I hope I can help them. If you have any questions or need more Info contact me.

Love this concept. Beautiful really..

this is not real imho...

It's not real because you can't see it..

That was an impressive article :D I'm really enjoyed reading this.
Im thinking many people are living blindfolded by them self and don't recognize that. From the date I started to meditate and doing yoga, I started to see things more clear than before and at the same time I'm getting relaxed in my daily life. I recommend it to anyone! :D
Would like to read a post about meditation from you @sirwinchester

thank you, cute pic

Visualisation is so powerful, still extremely underestimated, however the time will come :)
Great topic :)

Wow! Impressive post, made me think about I am doing something wrong and awoke that feeling of getting better and get in balance with myself and this world.

I honestly think it's NOT good to post this kinds of things and then attach some medicine/vitamin and promote its usage. I'm no MD and we don't know if this person is a MD either.

Decalcify one's body doesn't sound very good. Calcium is needed for the proper functioning of our brain, muscles and nerves. Calcium is also an alkaline mineral which helps balancing the pH levels in our body.

Please #steemit, this kinds of posts with the eye-opening knowledge and a prescription at the end it's promoting that a best way to achieve something is by taking that medicine/vitamin and we don't want anyone get hurt. #doyourpart

I didn't "promote" anything. I just gave my recommendation on something that is not harmful, or does any bad to your body.
You're right, calcium is needed for your bones. But not for your pineal gland. that's a fact, Go to your doctor and ask him.
I'm not saying that you should avoid eating anything that has calcium in it! I'm just saying that tap water is mixed with fluoride and different other substances that should better be filtered out. Why would there exist water filters and osmose filter systems (and bottled water!!!) if tap water was so perfectly healthy. You can buy your own water tester and see for yourself: (this is an example, there are cheap versions as well)

Also, I'm not giving a "prescription" at the end, saying that "you need this to achieve your goal". You can read my 4 steps to achieving your goal above. they're 100% free and just a way of thinking.
Taking Boron, or any other supplement, is just an added bonus if you really want to boost your pineal gland faster. but it's by no means a must and I'm not promoting the intake.

Great story. It can motivate me so much.

Someone overdosed on boron today.. j/k this post blew up nicely
glad it's getting big for you, it's important for all of us

hahaha! Thanks for your comment. I'm happy to see that many people are reading this, as I'm trying to help out and inform as many people as possible!

I thought this was the perfect post for me... until I remembered my Pineal gland was destroyed in a freak lava "accident".

Thanks for the post. It helping me in self confidence now..

here is my 3 cents.
i am a spiritual teacher.
LOA visualization works but its a bunch of crap and i tell you why
because you are still slave to your EGO expecting things to happen while its all an illusion. in very deep meditation i realized that the deepest wish is for losing fear. when you lose fear you also don't need control anymore. visualization is an attempt to control.

now as to success. if you want success let go and life will redefine what success is for you because its very individual. i hate how people earn money for posting crap they know nothing about. but thats life. thats why i am posting here. follow Mooji and learn a total different understanding of how life works

First of all:
You are a spiritual teacher, but you are talking about hate? Judging someone you don't know and criticizing them for being successful? I don't think this is what you should preach?

And if you would've read my introduction post, you would know that I'm not posting this for money. I just want to help people. Nothing on here is to get money for me.
But then I checked your blog, and I see you have several posts with half-naked women, "spiritual teacher"?

Who never wrote a text about spirituality here, and tries to make money with half-naked women? What I get from your comment is that you're simply jealous.
You need more money? No problem, when my steem power goes up, I'll make sure to upvote all your content and help you out. ;)

I'm gonna buy some boron! To decalcify!

but only take 1 a day ;)

I really appreciate your work you´ve done in that post. Its crazy how you help others without being driven by selfishness!

Yes yes yes! Love your posts and your efforts to spread knowledge, health and better living. 👍🏽

So true. To take it a step further, I actually believe if you use visualization and fully embrace it, you are actually CHANGING the future in that very moment. Think about it; if you visualize something happening, then stick to a plan to take you in the direction of that visualization, it WILL occur. You are effectively controlling the future! If you don't visualize it, it has a much lower probability of happening, if at all. So start using this unbelievable power each of you have today! Just try it. It costs you nothing, but NOT doing it could cost you everything.

its all just an illusion... which our ego likes to believe

very interesting

Hi sirwinchester,
you've got me thinking, do something with my life. I've thought of many things that would change my life. But only now it is clear to me I should do and make it happen.
This was so good information. It is possible that my Norwegian friends could have read it in Norwegian. is any of this with Norwegian translation?
greeting Xpilar

As someone with medical knowledge, your story is both inspiring and extremely aggravating in the degree of hippy dippy non-science it employs.

If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are.

I took the time to refute some of the misguided medical claims you make in this post. The visualization stuff is just fine, but basically everything regarding biology here is wrong.

Thank you!

Wonderful article with thorough information for all to innerstand!

Have you heard of the pineal gland being akin to a portal if properly activated, allowing for transdimensional travel? If so, what is your opinion?

well there are different levels of awakening, first you have vivid dreams, then you might develop psychic powers or astral projection experiences..
The Pineal Gland contains Melatonin, Serotonin and DMT, which is essentialy the gateway to accessing other dimensions. The Pineal Gland can make you see colorful and abstract patterns which you can't even imagine. This is such a broad topic that I can't possibly cover it all in a single comment, but in general I agree. With lots of training and meditation and the right nutrition, you might be able to do it.

I would have to disagree that Melatonin, Serotonin, and DMT are the gateways to accessing other dimensions. While these neurotransmitters may assist in the actual travel the gateway is thought, pure. We are transmitters of our higher self, which in turn is transmitting the universal stream, not the other way around. It is our higher self which is the actual gateway, the body has to be prepared to maintain the energy that is focused through thought that creates the gateway then powered, as a boat with gas, by the neurotransmitters which are under a controlled release by the pineal gland.

nice story!

welcome to my blog

I love STEEMIT... oooh.. me too! is not impressive? yes yes yes yes yes!