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RE: Is Proof of Stake the main issue behind Steem?

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hey @farq. I missed this piece of yours...we've got to wait for the launch of Sapien this 30th. It's an interesting platform and it goes by reputation rather than how much you can invest. About steemit: I think we are still early birds and the time here should pay off someday. But I wouldn't put all eggs in one basket. This should be just one of the platforms. Sapien looks promising and is not just about blogging. It's got a real world social media touch to it according to the developers. It's more like facebook rather than a reddit ....let's wait and see.I haven't bought any tokens yet but Ive heard that you need minimum amount of tokens to participate in the beta version being launched on 30th....


looks interesting - the beta seems to already be live - i've joined the waitlist for it so we'll see how we go.

My eggs aren't all in one basket - Steem isn't my biggest crypto holding - though all of my "time" eggs might be in the steem basket at the moment.

Their telegram group says 30th...let's see. Will surely see an exodus in the short term.

I hope you are buying ETC now? Looks like there's an imminent breakout

i'm not really much of a day trader - i tend to pick my couple of coins and stick to those - more of a hodler.

STEEM, VTC, NEO is where i'm at these days.

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