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I know that a while back @klye had a faucet going, which I made use of for a little while.

As is the issue with any faucet I think fraudulent claims eventually brought it down.

My thinking is that it's possible to build something that uses a users activity on the blockchain as a strong indicator to be used to determine if that user should be entitled to a faucet payout or not.

I am purposely excluding mentioning anything to do with running it profitably, as I am more interested in getting to know if we can use the blockchain activity to determine the trustworthiness of a particular actor, probably using supervised machine learning.

Feeding into this could be black lists etc.

I welcome all discussion...

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Interesting idea but I believe services like SmartSteem provide a similar service based on your SP.


I took a look but don't see a faucet, or were you referring to identifying trustworthy actors on the blockchain?

I did not see any specifics on their site for that either. Let me know what I am missing please.


By selling your votes or delegating your Steem Power, you in effect create a faucet based on your account activity. You also earn from curating if you sell votes, which is why I chose that option. Every few hours or so you can check your balance and collect. SmartSteem is a very popular service and usually ranks in the top 3 steem bots/dapps.

PS. Check my wallet transactions and you'll see what I mean, look for the amounts from smartsteem and also the extra curation rewards that seem to just keep steeming in (from sold votes).

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