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RE: The History of Steem/Steemit Launch in the Words of @dan Larimer from the early Launch Days.

in #steem5 years ago

Started to read this, but i think it will take me time to do so, at least a few day to actually understand bit by bit, if you dont mind i wil ask quesitons as i try to get this


You can ask questions of course, I am sure @dan and @ned and maybe some of the early adopters can answer.

haha, i meant to ask you, but sure NP

I wanted this to be a record of the launch as it happened. I put in my two cents at the top of the post. I am not going to act as a medium when all the parties involved are easily reachable on the Steemit platform. If your question is for me personally, I will be happy to answer it as well.

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