SRING TIME SEEDS: My first order from Homesteaders Co-op

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Seeds for steem!!!


Purslane... I still have to learn about this edible plant!

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Ah yes finally, a world wide co-oparative for everything handmade, sustainable, homegrown and ethically sourced!

I am a contibutor for Homesteaders Co-op because I really like the idea of a free platform for people to trade goods and services that go hand in hand with my life philosophy.

I have been getting into many different aspects of self-reliance, homesteading, permacukture and re-wilding. This co-op has all of that and now I'm in the process of interviewing all the vendors so we can get to know them a little more.

Give me a little time and you can expect a weekly post by me on the @homesteaderscoop steem page. It's very exciting because i've never really interviewed anyone... and I like it quite a lot. I get to dig into their lives, looking through sebsites, their steem blogs and whatever other social media platform I can find them on, in order to come up with some relevant questions. It's been fun so far.

But this post, I wanted it to be more about the how easy it was to order from Seeds of Abundance and I checked other shops, they are all on the same payment platform, so i assume it work smoothly accross the board. I looked through the list of vendors, I looked through the featured items and finally I picked some seeds that intrigued me because of their okra-like texture they're supposed to have. I'm not tallking about the seed itself, I'm talking about what it grows into: Perselane.

So, back to the buying process, I had the choice to pay in US$, SBD and STEEM. So I went ahead and clicked on the shopping cart and as most web sites durring check out I had the choice between Paypal, Credit Card or Steem (had i wanted to pay with SBD, the choice showed up after clicking on the Steem button).

And really that was it, I put my info in like my address and all that and voilas... order got processed ans shipped shortly after and I was a happy camper!

I just hope to make time for a garden this year...

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: @artemislives

It's just another 'not yet'. Let it be.

(If you want your quote featured here, lookout for the next contest!)


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If you want to know what really is inside this Coconut, take a look at my Humans Of Steemit.

And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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Aww! We are really glad to have you as a customer !! Can't wait to see the purslane and other plants growing on your homestead :) Wishing you lots of abundance in your garden this year!


Thank you so much, I'm hoping we will have a garden this year... at least a small one. Things are still chaotic here on the land, but we're working through it bit by bit!

Nice to see you also having a great experience with the co-op. 😊 Quoting my quote on your post? Made me smile. 😁💜

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heehee, as promised, it will be there on every posts I write this month! Oh and I set you up with 6 sbi shares last night, so it should show up at some point soon. Your quote makes me smile too 😁!

Great quote @artemislives. And exciting about those seeds!! Love the packets. Looking forward to my delivery arriving!!!

It's really fun interviewing people.... folk are fascinating!!

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yes oh my god!!! I just finished reading @creascendoofpeace's interview.... she is truly amazind and inspiring! I wanna go out there right now and plant some trees!!!! haha!


Oh I need to go and read that!!!! Is it posted yet? Yeah she's awesome, we are always honoured when she drops her wisdoms in NM!!!

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

The Co-op is such a special and wonderful market place, and unique in many ways. So happy the process was a simple one... enjoy your seeds!

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