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We at team Debitum Network would like to thank everyone who participated in the crowdsale! We successfully sold out and reached our hard cap of 20,000 ETH. Currently, there are more than 10,000 people holding DEB tokens – it’s awesome!
We would like to provide you with important information that is important for the next couple of days, thus keeping everything clear and transparent.
Round A additional tokens (airdrop) will reach your wallet in the next couple of days.
Bounty and referral tokens will reach your wallet in the next 15 days. Our team will try to do this as soon as possible, though. This is because more than 10,000 people signed up.
People who transferred fiat via SEPA or SWIFT must make sure they sent their details (name, surname, ETH address where DEB tokens need to be sent to). Our team will work through all fiat transactions and we will send our DEB tokens in the next 15 days.
Please check if you can see DEB tokens in your wallet. If not, please make sure that you have added our custom token, you can do it by selecting these on your wallet:
– ticker/symbol: DEB
– decimals: 18
– token address: 0x151202c9c18e495656f372281f493eb7698961d5
We would like to remind everybody that nobody in team Debitum will contact you with a personal or public message, asking you to contribute more or proposing any kind of deal. All contributions have closed and any such offer is a scam – please be safe out there! From now you will only be able to buy Debitum through exchanges that will list DEB tokens.
DEB tokens will be listed on a major exchange before mid-March, so watch out for the announcement!
We would like to remind everybody that DEB token is based on standard ERC223 (newer version of ERC20), while most decentralized exchanges only support token exchange based on ERC20. Please be careful to check if you can receive (or send) DEB token on Etherdelta, Forkdelta, Idex etc. To our best knowledge most of these decentralized platforms do not support it, so you should be careful with your tokens.IMG_0008.JPG

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