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RE: Vote Values in Steem Basic Income - Part Three: Where Are We Going?

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You're asking about value in general on Steem, or in SBI? You may want to review Parts One and Two if you're just starting the series now with Part Three.


what is difference between SBI to steem power?

At the bottom of this post, there is a list of resources, including FAQ's in several different languages. Please check first whether one of them is in your language, and read it. If not, you should read each English post slowly and take notes on your questions. As you read the next, check whether it answers any of your questions as you read, and take notes of any new questions.

When you are done, if you still have any questions left then you should identify as clearly as possible whether they are questions about Steem or about Steem Basic Income (a specific program on Steem) before asking them again.

We do assume a base level of understanding in our posts (e.g. What is Steem Power), but more in depth questions (e.g. What is rShares) are explained in our writing where they are first introduced.