We do not have a btc main trading pair...we have btc pair with steem, freex, usdt, ont

How come not?
It pretty much the gold standard for main pairs...

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STEEM will be the new gold standard...btc is slow and expensive. STEEM is fast and free.

Our fiat gateway for usd/cad/eur will be for STEEM... Our FreedomEx debit card will also be for STEEM.

Whatever you say...
That not how it works but k

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It is precisely how works. STEEM to the MOON!!!

I like moon too
but being gold isn't something Steem really wants to be...

To the MOON!!!

I would think any large investors in STEEM would disagree with that logic...or lack thereof .

Ah yes Steem wants to be a
Store of Value, never changed, limited supply, works best when markets down and a major brand name
Doesn't care about all users getting fairly wants to be free from control at all cost.
Being Gold sounds great but when in practice doesn't sound that great. Being Gold holds you back from alot of stuff

From the economic stand point STEEM is more viable then BTC will ever be with whatever upgrade they make to it.
The reason people think BTC has more value because its deflationary is because alt right is strong here.
All currencies are "stores of value".

Not really.
All currencies can be a store of value doesn't mean it is a good one or should be one.
Economically Bitcoin is still better but being a store of value itself is not really great for long term adoption.

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That's how it works round these parts!


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😂 thx

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