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RE: AI Censorship And The Power Of 'Steem' To Preserve Truth

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The problem is a great forgetting of some principles that have been honed over all of recorded history.

Chief among all of these is foundational to all others, the meaning of life.

If you live life as if you are the center of the universe you are doing it all wrong. If you live life as if you are part of a much greater whole then you're getting closer to being on track.

To properly attain enlightenment ultimately requires personal freedom of choice which will reside forever within each individual conciousness as it journey's through life towards it's own reunification.

You can't help this thing along other than to provide an enviroment conducive to it's journey and what is hardest for most to understand is that reality is simply the universes most complex algo ever that is written to achieve that end.

Everything that does not harmonize with this will ultimately be destroyed or simply cease to exist as it is all counter to core reality in the first place and nothing more than mere tools to an inevitable end.


Yes bro the main problem is that one..Kim Dotcom has been toying with something similar.“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete...

Yeah you got this.