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RE: Subjective Proof of Work: some rational comments on the self-voting trend

in #steem3 years ago

Excellent post, @kyle.anderson. Thank you for sharing.

1- When HF19 was activated, my first thought was that I am going to only self-vote.

Then, I could not.

When I saw excellent content (like this post) , I was compelled to show my gratitude to the author by upvoting.
Moreover, I wanted to encourage him/her to continue producing such good work. I am not saying that I stopped voting for myself, but I am saying that I am still voting for others too.

2- As for flagging (down-voting): what stops me from doing it is that I fear I would hurt someone's feeling and he would start flagging my posts as a response. If flagging was somehow anonymous, I would have done it more.

3- does flagging consume your voting power?


Well nobody has any value if there is only self-votes. The system will collapse.

It's doubtful that if you downvoted true abusers, their feelings would be hurt.

If it is a gray area where reasonable people can disagree whether the content is legitimate or abuse, leave it be.

The quote from the white paper in the post is a good one. We don't need to stop all abuse. Going too far to try to do that is counterproductive. Accept that some will happen and let it go.

I do flag abusers. All am saying is that I much more careful with down-voting than with up-voting.

Flagging has its issues you are right. People get butt hurt and start flagging for reasons other than reward payout.

I think it does consume voting power.

So, It is not a practical solution yet.

Entirely disagree.

It is the practical solution.

Just won't say it is the best solution.