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RE: Normie Talk - New Steemit Wallet Change | How Does It Work Now?

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Have you successfully used this @llfarms ...

"There is also a password manager called keychain that could be an option. Go check them out and see what works for you!"

... since I have Keychain, but it did not populate the password field.

My assumption was SteemIt had elected, at least for now, to not concern itself with supporting this nice option.

Works great with other apps, e.g. like SteemWorld though!

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I’m familiar with keychain but have not used it myself. I have heard many good things about it though and it’s on my list of things to “test”. I do know that Steemit has not implemented it at this time.. I’m not sure if they have plans to in the future.. but it’s mentioned to them often haha.

Okay, thank you for the prompt response @llfarms. Just thought I would ask, in the event you had successfully used it. Which would've meant I needed to figure out why my implementation of it didn't work ...

Have a good afternoon!

Oh! I just realized I goofed as I recommend a key manager that is not compatible with the interface. Total goof when going back and adding information Sorry about that!

Yes, currently keychain is not compatible on but is on other interfaces. I went ahead and edited the post to reflect that, as it implied it would actually work of course.

Hopefully that is something they are considering as many rave about keychain.

Not to worry @llfarms. I didn't want to suggest that directly, as I believe your wording could have been interpreted in more than one way. Thanks for the follow-up!

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