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RE: The Steem News @ 15 March 2020 - Disappearing Delegations, Magically Appearing Witnesses & A Super New Space Game

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I'm no developer so I can't help toward that end. But I'm done with Steem at this point until we migrate. Not interested whatsoever in further negotiations with Justin Sun. I'd rather make deals with Ted Bundy. So hey yo...when you get that migration going to a sister or new blockchain, ping me. Til then, rhondak out.


Hive has happened now.

Hope you are all okay in Morocco.

I shall make an appearance on Hive shortly. However, miltary lockdown today here in Morocco. They rolled the convoys, soldiers in the streets. We got twenty kittens from the rubbish tip yesterday and the street dog we're fostering just popped out nine puppies. Life is good--I'm not complaining--but it may take me a minute to catch my breath. LOL!

Sounds like very interesting times there.

If you fancy penning a post it would be great to include in the Corona Diaries...

I will absolutely contribute to this. Gimme a day or two, and I'll have a good one for ya. Thank you for linking me to it!

Will look forward to reading it.

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