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RE: How should Steemit Inc decentralize their stake?

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If the aim is decentralisation, I don't see how the burn option would address this effectively, surely what we need is redistribution downwards, away from the whales.

Surely selling on the exchanges - options 2 and 3 would similarly just create an influx of new Whale accounts...

Similarly, with option 4, airdropping to everyone based on SP - we'd have the same level of concentration in the hands of the few.

The only aspect of decentralisation these first four options address is taking 'power' away from an account that NEVER uses it, and effectively giving most of that power to a minority of Whales who do use it - NOT necessarily to upvote the best quality content either!

Thus, logically, the only way to guarantee decentralisation is to 'airdrop the best steemians'... it's not especially difficult to trawl through people's accounts and find who the 'team players' are. Of course I do appreciate agreeing on what constitutes 'best' is more easily said than done - then again that is what decentralisation is about - there is no elegant, technological, algorithmic solution that you can just 'click to enact' - you have to go through the messy process of dialogue to get some sort of consensus, IMO.

And of course there's a risk that power will corrupt, but as I see it IF decentralisation is the plan, that is real decentralisation beyond just killing Steemit Inc and leaving the current Whale domination intact, then surely airdropping the best (non-whale steemians) is the only options, even if there are risks...?

To be blunt, the only think keeping me going on here is a few community minded Dolphins I've connected with, we need more of that sort of thing, but I don't see how options 1-4 will make that so.


Note, this post is about decentralising the stake held by Steemit Inc accounts, not decentralising the entire Steem network. That's never really going to happen, there's never been a free market in history that has not seen rampant inequality. But yes, the situation can improve. Airdropping select users is a can of worms in itself!

Point taken, but given that Steemit Inc controls such a huge stake, if that SP is divested, it will have a pretty huge impact on the platform as a whole!

As to the free market, I agree and steemit's no exception to that for sure!

Airdrop to steem users based on reputation!?
True distribution based on trust.

redistribution downwards, away from the whales.

How do we address bot accounts that belong to whales that would have the ability to absorb a huge amount of this redistribution?

Surely selling on the exchanges - options 2 and 3 would similarly just create an influx of new Whale accounts.

I agree this would in fact create more whales as I believe that an influx would also drive the price down where whales can purchase huge lots of it and power up.

'airdrop the best steemians'.

Who gets to decide who are the best Steemians? Many think @BernieSanders is a Team layer. Many think @Joeparys and @JerryBanfield are team players however the 3 appear to be playing on different teams with very different views on STEEM and the way the reward pool is manipulated. So I have to ask again. Who decides?

The last two paragraphs I agree with and have no other input.

I never said it was going to be easy!

In fairness the bot accounts are something I hadn't even thought about, but if we were redistributing to the 'best' steemians, this wouldn't be an issue.

As to what counts as a 'team player' - totally right, that would have to be operationalized - as to who decides.. I wish I had more time to flesh out a few ideas... but if it's possible to figure out a way of ultimately getting people to vote where we can guarantee equal weighted voting and just one per genuine human that's interested in the long-term future of the platform that'd be great.

Finally, my own personal opinion is that these things are best discussed face to face as far as possible - I'd actually quite like to speak to Parys Banfield in person, assuming he has legs.

Not so much an answer as a very utopian wish-list I'm afraid.

On the selling point, what is your definition of a whale?

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