Steem, trading at a sharp discount. The value of reinvesting in yourself.

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Woke up this morning with a message from my friend;

"Did you see the alt-coin market? Its tanking!".

The first thing I do every morning, before I even get up to go to the bathroom, is check the 'big-3' on Coinbase. BTC, ETH and LTC. As the app opened, and I saw BTC at $4,600...I knew the dipping market wasn't a cause for concern.

As we have seen lately, the alt-coin markets have been doing well. So this setback is merely a correction caused by profit taking, as well as these alts trying to find a nominal trading value in relation to Bitcoins' market price.

This, (in my opinion is an excellent time to reinvest, and add to my position). Steem, at the moment of writing this blog trading at a steal of 0.000239 BTC. In USD/ $1.11

The reason why it is crucial to buy Steemit at such a low price, is the compounding effect it will have on your future earnings. I see a short-term (6 months) price target of Steem, to be closer to $5. This means, that for every Steem you purchase now, you would be looking at a difference of 77.8%!


Every upvote on a blog or comment you get now... Will be worth 77.8% more when Steem hits $5. IF YOU REINVEST IN YOURSELF!

Unless Steeming is your full-time job, I wouldn't even consider powering down until we see it hit $10+.

Last week, Steem was $1.50. So the blogs and comments you got paid for, received $1.50... If you power down now, you will be losing money.

Keep rolling your Steem into Steempower... Keep converting SBD into SteemPower, and consider Steemit to be a retirement account. All the money you pull off the site now, stalls your future growth.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, this week I will be adding an additional $10,000 to my account. This will put me in the low 400's on :D

If you would like to help me, help the community... Would you please consider casting a vote for me as a witness?

Step 1; open this link

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :D


Happy Reinvesting!

Reinvest in yourself.
Charity starts at home. The more you make, the more you can give.



Thanks for the insightful post, good food for thought.

Steemit is my lifesaver.

I hope you reinvest more, and stop cashing out to Bittrex so soon. You'll appreciate it more later than you do now. Just my advice anyways.


Actually I am reinvesting it to other coins thru bittrex :)

Me also, but Steem now so cheap.... If you made money here on Steemit, and are selling now... You could be losing more than 40%... Not worth it :)

Ohhh okay but other coins are also cheap so I am buying alts hehehe. Thanks for the advice though, by the way I am leading the @steemph.iligan community, can i expect your support for us? I will ask all the members to vote for you as witness too. Thank you :)

So much information @rcarter.witness thanks for sharing.

I don't plan on powering down for a long time.

Me neither... Hopefully I am not wrong in assuming Steemit will be around for my lifetime :D


me too :)

Done. 👍

I appreciate that! I will have my powers back soon, and will definitely be actively helping!


Yes, Bitcoin is almost 5k now and hoping that Steem will be on that trend as well. :)

tataas pa yan, tiwala lang.. hehe

Funny I made a similar post regarding the crazy moves of Altcoins. Seems a lot of people investing in BTC to get their free Bitcoin Gold haha
Like you I hold tight my alt coins. Indeed reinvesting in Steem it's a great idea and I'm glad for you that you will bring 10K$ to your Steem account. You will be kinda powerful haha. See you around mate

Thanks for the comment.

And that is another great point... Everyone is trying to get BTC cheap, for the gold. However, they won't hold it until the 25th... This is way too early. We will most likely see a BTC correction this week, and then hopefully soar past 6k around BTC-G time :D

Well, I already have 25k+ on my other account, that I will delegate... Once I buy 10k+ more. For me, this is one of the safest investments in this space.


Agree ! If BTC will reach 5K$ resistance before the fork, people will dump it lol and hopefully a good opportunity to enter in.

Great you have already strong roots here. Steem is a safe placement yes. I kinda bet my whole retirement on it haha =D

Thanks for helping steemit for having a good future

Both of us, man!

We are all part of it, and first ones in!


Yeah man your right

Keep rockin and rollin! Steemit could very well be the future.

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Great post, very insighful and relevant. Thabks for sharing your thoughts @rcarter.witness


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