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You got the @ wrong. Might want to change that so newbies don’t get confused(I’m sure some ass will register the account).


May I ask why you downvoted me trying to warn Haejin's followers yesterday not to blindly follow his TA?

why ur post hide ????? these days


He gets flagged by idiots a lot.

you upvote cheetah post ?iff yes i try youre service thx

I am a newbie , how do i go about this??
Can somebody help??

i send 1 sbd, you upvote %0.85 (2sbd) 😠
my earning 0.80sbd *****


Thats profit, isn't it?

I sent 1SBD-s with many of my posts and for the first few I got an upvote, but for some of them I didn't. Shall I wait longer or shall I ask for a refund?

GOOOOD morning !! :D

How to do this?


Read @randowhale's other posts. He explains how this service works.

Followed and upvoted 💋💋💋 hope u do the same ..thanks

Dear steemer,
nice post and I followed you :) Please follow me :)

Send 1 SBD

How to Upvote in @randowhale