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@randowhale i sent 1 sbd to you 50 min ago. i didnt got any vote and refund.. plz check it..


Good job


@randowhale team
I sent 1 SBD about one hours ago. I did not get upvote and refund. can you please check and to the needful? my link is


Now i get only $ 2.19 of upvote. Not worth.


That's why it is called randowhale. It gives you a random percentage of an upvote. Lol


Thanks. Now, I understand the meaning. Lol


This happened to me too

Oke thank...

@gentlebot and @randowhale both are best, but randowhale is not quick service..

Is time to shake the -upvotes-
Ash Pedeiro.jpg

I do not have a SBD, I just gained by voting you just, sorry I'm like a small fish

Nice job..
I will send now.
How about steem?

good to know

I sent you 2 sbd for the post to vote on.. please check.. I just want a boost to that post..

I have not received votes..

its time to be more active

Very good i like there, you are the best. @randowhale


@randowhale iam already send you sbd.

why not get it votes @randowhale ,

Good joob

you upvote iff cheetah upvote my post?i am in blacklist soo you upvote or not ?thx


How about you try to get off the blacklist?

You're number one, the best for you.

I have not votes

I have not votes two hours ago


you got it:

good afternoon @randowhale, more than 3 hours ago, has not been received and neither the vote nor the refund has been received.

@randowhale I have offered a bid one hour ago but neither upvote received nor refund of the amount. please check it on priority. snapshot attached.

Those of you missing votes, this article has the link to submit a support request.


Good night friend and by what means is the answer received?


I used the form linked in the article and my upvote arrived a bit later.


Okay, I already send it, I hope you can solve this problem, I feel calmer if you sent it and took it into account

nice idea sir

Nice post

Very nice post
Please vote my post
Regard me @widiaendah

I dont have sbd bechause this new account... Pliss support me in steemit

Please tell me how to do it?

how can i make the transfer pls