Delegate to @randowhale to earn SBD for your Steem Power!

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@randowhale needs more Steem Power to keep up with the demand, delegate today! 85% of SBD received by @randowhale will be distributed to delegators!

Please see details below.

Why should I delegate SP to @randowhale?

  • 85% of the SBD earned by your Steem Power goes back to you - no bullshit!
  • @randowhale is the greatest insta-vote bot on the Steem blockchain!
  • @randowhale has a great user base (earning potential)!

How does it work?

  • Use Vessel the SP Delegation Tool or any other method to delegate Steem Power from your account to @randowhale.
  • Rewards are processed in rounds lasting approximately 12 hours.
  • Each account that delegates will be included starting in the round following the current round. The first distribution to a new delegator will occur between 12-24hrs (more if maintenance occurs).
  • 85% of the SBD received by @randowhale will be distributed to the delegators based on the amount of Steem Power delegated.
  • If the amount earned is below 0.001, the amount will be added to the next round and distributed once above 0.001.
  • Any increase in delegation will take affect in the following round.
  • Any reduction in delegation will take affect in the current round.
  • If a delegation is completely removed, no future distributions will occur.

Note: Please see this link to evaluate the amount of SBD being sent to @randowhale.

Who can delegate SP to @randowhale?

  • Anyone!

Thank you and please comment with any questions!  As always, team @randowhale appreciates your support.

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Brilliant idea! The best upvote service on Steemit just keeps getting better and better 👍🏼

Need a rando awake app for android users by one more talented than myself.

Keep up the good work! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Tell us what you will be awake, you lazy whale! You are asleep 99% of the time.

Can you please start turning the bot on for EU people as well? I have been waiting for days now, and only see it turned on when I am sleeping! I really like @randowhale, but I can never use it, because of this :( @berniesanders

Cool idea @randowhale, keep it up

Let's goooo!

great idea form @randowhale let's go!!!

when we delegate SP to @randowhale, can it be while he sleeps?

we all waiting for you dear @randowhale when you awake

good post friends, I like posting friends.

Awesome concept!

How much is the minimum I can delegate?

Thanks for helping minnows :)

great post i am also getting involved to increase my sbd

I like this,,

Super Great

what is the purpose @randowhale merental sp same others..??

post a good idea friend ,,, please visit my blog once friend ya

You've been sleeping way too long, you big fat whale! Wake up!

Nice rando