What Will the Price of Steem Be at the End of September 2018?

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You know that you’re psychic. It’s time to prove it to the rest of us.

Post your prediction in the comment section below. The closest prediction will win the liquid rewards from this post.

  • Predictions must be posted in a comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. CST on 7 September 2018. I think that’s 04:59 Universal Time on 8 September 2018. Meh, 11:59 p.m. CST.
  • Predictions must be in the form of U.S. Dollars per Steem.
  • The price as shown at 11:59 p.m. CST on 30 September on coinmarketcap.com is what you’re aiming for. I am not eligible to post a prediction or win the SBD. Also not eligible are my wife, my son, or my sister-in-law, all of whom have followed me down the rabbit hole and are now Steemians.
  • Optionally, but strongly encouraged, please also go out on a limb and guesstimate where the price of Steem will be a year from now. Two years from now. Five years from now.
  • In the event of a tie, the liquid rewards will be split among the people who tied.
  • Only humans may participate. No bots.
  • All contests need judges. I’m it for this one. No appeals to SCOTUS; my ruling is law.

There were 15 entrants in last month’s Steem price prediction contest. All 15 were too optimistic given August’s dismal cryptocurrency price action. But @crypto-econom1st had the lowball prediction.

The Steemit payout for the August contest post was 0.022 SBD, 0.239 Steem and 0.260 SP, so @crypto-econom1st got 0.022 SBD and 0.239 Steem:

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$8 what else can I say right now? :)


Hahaha fingers crosses!



The Steemit payout from this post was 1.192 Steem and 1.193 SP, so 1.192 Steem will be going to the person with the best estimate. As of the deadline for predictions, we had 16 entrants:

$9.37 - @angryman
$8.00 - @whatsup
$3.00 - @vieira
$2.28 - @rhanna10km
$1.23 - @buddyboyb
$1.20 - @apple96
$1.18 - @stevelivingston
$1.15 - @alan369
$1.14 - @diogosantos
$1.12 - @newbiegames
$1.07 - @newageinv
$1.067 - @wallenho
$1.05 - @clouda
$1.00 - @eggstraordinair
$0.85 - @bearbear613
$0.50 - @spbeckman


fingers crossed @angryman takes it out lol


So any value below 0.675 is a "winner," which means around a 17% drop over 3 weeks. While not impossible, i think i've overestimated the decline.


I guess that I was off by 1.5 month.

I will be optimistic and say that $3, and if that happens, it will not be necessary for me to receive the prize since I will have tripled my small capital in Steemit by then.


I will call $1.07 as volatility will continue but $1 could be a good base to provide support.

End of sept $1.05
1 year time $2
2 years time $2.50
5 years time $5

I think the market will improve very little, I calculate about $ 1.20 at least!

End of Sept: 1.18

I predict it will be around 1 USD, 1.5 tops

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$1 then? Hard to award a prize based on a range. 😅


Yes, I'll go with 1

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Steem price will be close to $1.14

$1.067. 10% jump seems right

ABC, it's as easy as $1.23, or as simple as Do-Re-Mi,
ABC, 123, that's the price of Steem. : )

Steem will skyrocket up to $9.37 by the end of Sept.

I'm guessing 0.50 USD.

Am I optimistic?

Yes, as a person hoping to buy in I'm all for lower prices. Currently I don't have free funds to invest, so the bear market isn't hurting me too badly.

I'm anticipating a change in the market in March 2019. Around 6-months after the hardfork.