dlive and their 10% cut

in steem •  3 months ago

It’s interesting to see the voting standards for various teams. @dlive that receives an official delegation from misterdelegation takes 10% to their own accounts. Paying out your own team from a 3rd party delegation is just wrong. They have clearly organised it in such a way where all the team members get's an upvote.

Since they are all at the top. This breeds corruption and jealousy. Team members should not be at the top of a list like this. Shows low standards and that the focus is on themselves. 3rd party delegations should 100% go to the content creators and not internal team members. You may say money doesn't change people but it does.

My suggestion? Let real content creators be at the top. Not internal team members. Even if internal members are creating content they are still connected to the inside. Which will make it unfair for normal creators. It's not dlive's STEEM it's a 3rd party delegation. That will say it's STEEM Blockchain users Steem.

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I do not use the app but such a strategy is like inviting corruption into your home and paying for it


Hell yes!