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RE: 5 things I have done today to help the planet… [Day 004 – 18 May ’19]

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Too Good To Go is such a great idea! We need that in the US.
The only shop I know that does anything like that is Voodoo Doughnuts, where because they are open 24 hours, they bake all day, and when they change out the donuts, they put all the "old batch" ones in a bucket. If you catch it - you can buy a 5 gallon bucket of donuts that are like 12 hours old or from yesterday for I don't remember, eight bucks or something super cheap. My neighbor did that once, which is how I found out - she called me up saying "pleeeeeease take some donuts I am going to make myself siiiiiick... "
Imagine being the office hero if you showed up not with a dozen, but a whole bucket of yum. XD


It will be interesting to see if Too Good To Go will expand to the USA.

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